Successful female real estate agents are changing the rules of the game in a man-driven industry

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Real estate was considered a world of male figures solely for a long time. The differences between genders in this particular market were so high that until 1980, women were unable to acquire an estate property without having a male co-signer. Once you look up the history of the real estate industry, you will notice that women had been a part of this market since its beginnings, but have dealt with struggles and challenges for several decades. Things have however changed once the sector has reached more competitive characteristics, becoming at the same time more organized and accepting. As a female agent, you are now able to obtain the same level of success as your male peers, and if you analyze statistics, the number of female agents in the US, for example, is actually higher than the number of men working in this sector by 50 percent. The numbers clearly indicate that women have turned the table around and are continuously changing the rules of the estate game.

 Why is the real estate industry appealing to women?

The reason why so many women have directed their attention towards the real estate market and the reason why you might be currently considering to do so as well is the schedule flexibility involved. This line of work gives you the possibility to choose your own working hours, which means the balance between your profession and personal life can be maintained at optimal levels much easier. Being able to dedicate sufficient time to your family, while still having a fulfilling career isn’t always plausible, but the real estate industry is one of the few that gives you this opportunity. You have the chance to start your estate business right from home, with just the essential laptop and phone, and reaching professional satisfaction while staying on top of family responsibilities will become possible.

What makes women more prone to success in this market?

Let’s start with something that everyone can agree on – women tend to display a higher level of empathy, which means they will be more capable of focusing on their clients’ needs and are more likely to ensure satisfaction. Attributes such as negotiation skills, active networking abilities, and persistence are required in this particular domain, and since all of these characteristics usually come naturally to women, it’s understandable why so many successful female realtors have started to appear, redefining the market. Persistence is also one of the qualities women are known for in general, and this can be of great use when you are trying to build a business in this particular industry. Moreover, considering the relevance of portraying an optimal image in the field of real estate, as a woman, you once again have a leaping advantage. Paying attention to what you wear, for example, can actually pay off when you are a realtor, and this is probably something that you are already doing, regardless of profession. You can obtain a high status in the real estate market, and do so while wearing an empowering outfit matched with a beautiful pair of pearl earrings.

Wealthiest female figures in real estate

In order to fully understand the promising prospects that exist for women in real estate, you should look into the female figures that have managed to build wealth through estate practices, obtaining an impressive level of popularity. There several names that will pop up when you are searching for the wealthiest female realtors. A few top women in real estate are Barbara Corcoran on the brokerage side, Mary Ann Tighe in commercial estate and Kira Sterling in home building. Dottie Herman is however the name with most resonance, being considered the richest self-made women in real estate, and her story is quite empowering.

Entering the market

If the world of real estate interests you personally, and you wish to swap your current profession for an entrepreneurial journey in this market, taking the right steps in this direction demands research from your part. As you are able to see from the information mentioned above, you could actually have a leaping advantage by simply being a female figure, considering how much the industry has changed – the climate of the estate market has become a welcoming one for women in many countries around the globe. Here’s what you need to do:

  •          Find an appropriate training program

You will need to start off with a course, appropriate for the real estate position you are interested in. This will allow you to acquire the basic knowledge and expertise you need to start your real estate journey. Training is relevant regardless of exact profile.

  •          Get your license

Whether you joining an already established firm, or you want to practice on your own, and set up a business, holding a license is mandatory. A certain amount of coursework will be required to have your license application approved.

  •          Put together a business plan

As estate agent you are basically an entrepreneur, and having a business plan in-check can help you clarify your goals and adopt the right methods of meeting those objectives. You can use a template found online to help you out in this department.

  •          Create a professional image

Your image in this field of practice could influence your development more than you think. Real estate businesses are image-built, so it’s up to you to work towards conveying your traits, competence and reliability through the way you dress, speak and the way you respond. With a bit of effort in this department, you can increase your odds of reaching the desired outcomes, and become part of the large group of successful female realtors.

The real estate market can be quite promising for the entrepreneurial type, and while back in the day, the market was dominated by male figures mostly, nowadays, successful female agents have increased in number significantly. The industry might still be sometimes considered a man-driven one, but women have earned their strong positions, and have brought quite a lot of improvements along. Regardless if you are interested in becoming a broker at someone else’ company or start your own real estate firm as long as you have the skills and determination necessary, you can become an important figure in your local real estate scene.


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