How To Choose The Best Server for A Small Business In 2019

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Small and medium-sized businesses need servers in order to secure data. The cloud servers are quite popular but in many ways, the physical or in house server is best. Servers provide the centralized method of data storage as well as offering database services. Many large companies maintain different servers for different task. For some businesses with highly sensitive, confidential data, they opt for Virtual Data Room. Read more about the Virtual Data Room Comparisons.

There are many dedicated servers in Pakistan, USA, UAE and many more countries. The supply of servers is highly in demand due to their functions and security. The server isn’t a piece of cake to purchase. You need to know which server will suit your business. This blog will let you know about the essential elements to choose the best server in 2019.

Basics of Server

There are many things you need to know before going to purchase the server. The basic server looks similar to your computer. It is designed to support various users at a time. You can run the multi-users applications such as messaging, print servers, calendar programs, email, and database software. A server enables you and your employees to access data from anywhere by providing a virtual private network. You need to determine these three things while looking for servers.

Your Budget: The first thing is to consider your budget on the server. There are many servers starting as low as 450 dollars. If your budget is more so you can go for more better servers giving you the more functions.

Purpose: You need to know the use of a server. If you considering to buy a server just to share files, remote access for Pcs and automated backup then consider buying NAS, HP, NetGear, Seagate, QNAP or windows home server machine.

Server Expense You need to know how the server will work for your business. Determine the in hose place to put server and needs security for your backups. You need to go with professional IT developers for maintaining security. The budget for the maintenance of the server should be kept aside.

Top Best Servers For Small Business

You can go with the following economical servers that will not only save your money but will also give you better performance.

Dell Power Edge T30

From many servers out there, you can choose this one for your small business. You can buy this as a fully configured server or a barebones. The T30 comes up with the default server features that enables you to use as an office workstation. This is the plus point for you. T30 also get fit in chassis like tiny and mini towers. The Congifurations are

6 SATA HDD storage capacity

Fast Xeon quadcore processor

Room for six internal disk

64 GB ram with Intel P530 HD graphics

Dell Power Edge T20

Dell has 20 years of experience in building servers and comes up with the Dell Edge T20 having best features and cheaper in prices. The barebone function doesn’t have a hard drive. The configurations are

Mini powers are compacted which are easy to access

4 GB ram with intel graphic card

Intel Pentium G3220

No storage device and can connect up to 12 USB ports.

These two are the most common and suitable server for small businesses. Despite these two, you can also go with super micro super work station 5039A-IL or Lenovo ThinkServer TS-150. You have many options while choosing a server. Don’t miss any option while selecting the best server which can suit your business.


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