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7 Reasons to Live Near a Lake or Ocean

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Do you wonder whether living near the sea is a good option available for you to consider or not? If so, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with the idea. That’s because living near the sea can provide you with a range of benefits. You will instantly fall in love with all the experiences that it can send on your way. Or move to a body of water like a man made lake such as Lake Las Vegas in Nevada.

Still not convinced? Then go ahead and take a look at these reasons. They will convince you why it is worthy to invest your money on a property that is located near the sea.

  1. You can find plenty of recreational activities

You will never get bored when you are living closer to the sea. That’s because a large number of recreational activities are available for you to engage with. These recreational activities can heavily contribute towards your mental health as well as the physical health. You will be able to get easy access to activities such as kayaking, fishing, sailing, swimming, surfing and sunbathing. With all these activities, you will be able to improve your overall health. It can even help you to manage your weight.

  1. You can meet new friends

The ability to meet new friends when living near the sea is impressive. That’s because you will come across a large number of individuals, who share the same interests as you on a daily basis. You will never be exposed to such opportunities when you are living in another neighborhood. You are guaranteed to make a couple of new friends when you visit any of the recreational activities that are available in the beach for you to engage with. You will fall in love with making new friends on a daily basis.

  1. You can get a better sleep at night

We all struggle to get a better sleep at night. Stress that we deal with keeps us away from getting such a sleep. That’s where living near the sea can provide you with a great experience. The air coming from the sea is filled with negative ions. Therefore, your body will be allowed to absorb more oxygen easily. This will reduce your stress levels and improve the mood, while equalizing the serotonin levels. As a result, you will be able to experience a better quality sleep at night.

  1. You will be exposed to the health effects delivered by the sun

The human body heavily relies on the effects caused by sun. For example, the sun can provide an excellent assistance to you with getting your Vitamin D levels catered. Vitamin D is extremely important for you to ensure the overall wellbeing of the body. For example, it can make your bones strong and strengthen the immune system. It can also help you to stay away from rheumatoid arthritis. By living near the sea, you will find it as an easy task to get your daily dose of sun exposure.

  1. You can enjoy delicious food

One of the best things about living closer to the sea is that you will be provided with the chance to enjoy delicious seafood. Seafood can give life to a wide range of outstanding dishes. You can enjoy them on a daily basis. The best thing about the seafood dishes that you enjoy is that all of them are made with the freshest ingredients. They simply taste better. In addition to that, you will be able to get a large number of healthy nutrients into your body with the delicious food that you consume.

  1. It can contribute towards your social status

Living near the sea can also contribute heavily towards your social status. The properties that are located near the sea are not cheap. You will have to spend a higher amount of money out of your pocket to purchase a one. People are aware of it. That’s why you will be able to achieve a better social status by investing your money to purchase a home that is located closer to the sea. When you invest your money on the property, you don’t have to work hard in order to gain the social status that you deserve.

  1. Your family will fall in love with it

It’s not just you who will be benefited by the idea of living closer to the sea. Your family members will also fall in love with the decision that you take. For example, your kids will be able to go to the beach and engage with the variety of activities that are available for them. On the other hand, you will find it as an easy task to spend more time along with your loved family members as well. This can strengthen the family bonding.

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Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

This is good information to share. 

We enjoyed oceanfront living for many years. You do have some extra window cleaning to do to remove the salt spray.

Jan 12, 2021 08:22 AM
Number Cruncher LLC - Overton, NV
Helping Taxpayers Resolve IRS problems

Thank you for sharing William Margita.

For me being near water is healing and therapeutic.  I love playing in the water!


Jan 12, 2021 10:22 AM
Debe Maxwell, CRS
Savvy + Company (704) 491-3310 - Charlotte, NC

I just moved to the lake & absolutely love it. Watching the water dance & spectacular sunsets every evening just soothes my soul. There's just nothing like it.

Jan 12, 2021 01:42 PM
John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Hello William Margita very good list of reasons to live near a lake or ocean.

Jan 12, 2021 02:35 PM