How to Plan the Perfect Deck Project

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Houses have certainly changed a whole lot over the many thousands of years of human civilization, becoming very spacious and comfortable abodes that we design for looks as well as for function. One of the most popular additions to a house isn’t necessarily part of the house itself but rather an addition for outdoor living and activities. The modern deck has also come a pretty long way. From basic concrete slabs about a century ago to the gorgeous wooden structures you can find built today, decks can come in handy on any sort of home. Whether for entertaining large crowds with an outdoor kitchen or just having a place to sit quietly to spend time outside, a deck can really complete the house and make it a home.


One of the coolest things about today’s decks is that you can adorn them in all sorts of railing. From the classic wooden railings to the more modern and sophisticated glass deck railing options, there are all sorts of choices to select from here. Just before you go through with your deck, make sure you select a reputable location like Mclean Railings. Here are some other tips that might come in handy to help you plan the perfect deck.


Tips for Planning Your Deck Project


Consider the Size of the Deck

The first thing you really want to consider is the size of your deck. One of the biggest reasons to consider size here is that a deck still needs a foundation, and it still has to fasten securely to the home. So, the larger your deck is going to be, the more room it’s going to take up with pillars in the ground and for attachment to the home. This is especially true if you’re having a multi-tier deck installed. There’s going to be a lot of construction done to ensure that it’s secure. So always take the time to consider how large you want you deck. If you’re thinking about a large deck that’s pretty high off the ground and looks down over the yard, this is going to require a more complex construction than a simple deck that’s resting on the ground. It’s something to consider here when it comes to the price you can pay and the space you have available.


Consider the Use of the Deck

Next up, you definitely want to consider the use of your deck so that you can include that in your overall plans. Are you going to have an outdoor kitchen space? If so, you’re going to have to plan to have potential water pipes, drainage and gas lines running there, along with a deck that’s far sturdier and that’s rated to hold additional weight with grills and other appliances. You can’t just have a few slabs of wood put down and then set everything on top of it. This can cause some serious issues. Your deck is going to have to be custom constructed based on things like its intended use. If you’re planning on using your deck for such entertaining and living purposes, it will have to be built to those specifications.


Consider the Materials of the Deck

You’re also going to want to consider materials that you use for your deck. There are all sorts of different wood options from which you can choose. You can go with a variety of soft woods and even hardwoods. You can also think about going with treated vs. untreated, so that you can stain and protect the wood yourself after the deck’s installed. What about the railings that are going on your deck? You can go with a classic wooden railing system, or a glass deck railing option, iron, and much more. It really all depends on your particular tastes. Though this is something you should figure out before you have your deck started.

The main thing you want to consider here, however, is having a quality professional company handle the installation for you. By doing this, you know that the final product is going to be built to last you a lifetime.


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