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Signs You Need to Redo Your Driveway
Your driveway provides you with a convenient place to park your cars. However, if yours is outdated, it could become a safety concern if not properly repaired. It can also decrease your home’s curb appeal, making it harder to sell your house. Here are some common signs it’s time to repave your driveway.
1. Cracks
These commonly occur in concrete and asphalt driveways over time. Age, along with natural elements, causes these fissures to form. During the winter, water that seeped into the cracks freezes and expands, which causes the gaps to widen. Other substances, such as oil, gas and salt, can also leak into the openings and make them worse.
Additional factors, such as tree roots and heavy vehicles, can create pressure on your driveway. That’s why it’s vital to consider tree placement when repaving.
Another one of the most common causes of cracks is poorly installed driveway bases. This is why it is essential to find a reputable contractor for the installation process.
You can easily repair small cracks on your own. To do this, clean out the dirt and weeds from the crevice. Then, use a crack filler and patch to fix the hole. For broader or deeper cracks, you may need to replace the whole driveway. You have multiple options when it comes to the surface materials you can use.
Here are some of the common choices:
Pavers and cobblestone: There are lots of options for pavers, and cobblestones are long-lasting. Also, broken pavers are easy to replace. One downside is they can be costly to install.
Crushed stone and gravel: These are cost-effective options that offer freeze and thaw resistance. However, they can more easily scatter or develop ruts.
Asphalt: This type of material is easy to contour and is durable. It can deteriorate over time if not properly drained, though.
Concrete: This material is also long-lasting and has a smooth surface. However, cracks can occur and repairs will stand out.
2. Potholes
Potholes can damage your car if you continually run over them. They can puncture your tires or crack your wheels, and even impact the alignment or suspension of your vehicle. Potholes are formed by the expansion and contraction of groundwater under the pavement. Over time, this cycle weakens the material and causes it to create large gaps. That’s why it’s vital to check your pavement for any signs of potholes during the warmer months.
You can usually repair small potholes yourself, although they can reform over time. That’s why it’s best to replace your driveway. This is a good opportunity to use stronger materials, such as concrete. Before installing the driveway, make sure you determine the right width by using your garage as a reference point and following local and state regulations.
3. Drainage Concerns
Having a sloped or uneven driveway can cause water to run down or accumulate in multiple areas. This built-up water can weaken your foundation, creating cracks or potholes. It’s best to completely replace your driveway if you notice any drainage problems.
Consider installing tools, such as a French drain, to direct the water away from your driveway. You can even work with your landscape to create a swale or a rain garden.
4. A Worn-Down Look
Over time, sun exposure can cause your driveway’s color to fade. This may seem like just an aesthetic concern, but the sun’s rays can weaken your foundation and wear down your driveway’s structure. If you live in a warm area, look out for any signs of loose material or thinned-out corners. An unstable surface is a safety concern for cars entering your driveway.
You can use asphalt or concrete sealants to improve the look of your entrance. If you want to enhance the color or add a decorative finish, consider buying an acrylic sealer. However, to protect your driveway from further damage, you may need to replace it entirely.
5. It’s Time To Be Updated
If you have an older driveway, it may be time to redo it. Concrete lasts around 30 to 40 years, and asphalt lasts about 15 to 20. Over time, your driveway gets worn down from the elements and your vehicles. This can lead to cracking and weathering. If yours is past its prime, consider a replacement instead of doing minor repairs. This can save you money and is a more efficient long-term solution.
When installing your new driveway, consider the outside temperature and moisture level. You don’t want it to be too cold or too wet because this can weaken the substructure and lead to issues down the road. Also, make sure you have an adequate water drainage plan ahead of time.
The best way to ensure proper insulation is to research and pick a reputable contractor. Make sure you speak with multiple candidates and ask about the permitting process.
How to Tell When It’s Time for a Driveway Upgrade
Your driveway is an important exterior feature of your home. It provides an entryway for your vehicles and impacts your overall curb appeal. Over time, it can become worn down. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might need to redo your driveway.
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*article by James White

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Ed Silva
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A tired driveway can certainly lower the curb appeal and the value of the house.  Good suggestions within

Aug 24, 2021 09:43 AM
Norma J. Elkins

Ed Silva I completely agree.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Aug 25, 2021 07:49 AM
Brian England
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Those are good tips and maintaining a driveway is part of maintaining a house so people should watch out for these signs.

Aug 25, 2021 05:54 AM
Norma J. Elkins

Brian England I totally agree.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Aug 25, 2021 07:50 AM
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This is good advice to share.

Keep cool, stay safe and have a great day.

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Joan Cox
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Norma, around Denver there are two types of concrete - concrete that IS cracked, and concrete that WILL crack.  LOL

Aug 28, 2021 06:08 AM
Norma J. Elkins

Joan Cox I totally agree with that statement.  Concrete doesn't stay uncracked for very long around here either!

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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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