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Luxury Travel - A Better Way Of Tourism

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I’m sure that we can agree that most people searching for luxury travel are probable looking for special experiences of the absolute best standards with the the cost not being the most important in the grand scheme of things.

Those interested in these types of experiences usually select uncommon destinations and most likely willing to spend extra for the privilege and may have interests in gastronomy and relaxation.

Locations that cater for clients eager to experience luxury will try to provide benchmarks and standards that make the experience unique. Besides, we all like a bit of pampering and want to be treated special now and then.

You might be hesitant in booking trips like these due to what you think might be expensive but there are some fantastic deals to be had if you take the time to look in the right places.

Knowing those in the industry who can provide excellent advice and valuable tips will offer you the opportunity to reconsider and take the plunge and in the process, experience some of the most fantastic times of your life.

An example of someone who meets all these criteria is Carmen Edelson, founder of Carmen’s Luxury Travel who provides excellent information on her global travels. Carmen sets herself apart from other bloggers and luxury tour gurus by redefining what luxurious travel means.

For Carmen, luxury travel also includes "responsible travel" which encourages clients to build  a deep understanding of local communities and their way of life.

As the industry evolves, there a new developments coming on stream constantly with more people choosing private jets and boats so that they get that personal touch in today's world. Journeys are much faster, more secure, and less stressful.
When in groups of friends and relatives, it is an unbeaten option.

High end villas are also very popular due to the privacy and space they provide. You can get everything you need in this type of accommodation because they are dedicated to a specific type of clientele who wants that personal touch to make their stay an enjoyable one. This is a global trend that is now set to continue as the industry finds new ways to attract those of high net worth.

Another example of what has been embraced by the luxury travel industry is something called “philanthropic trips."
A new type of trip that has already taken off in many countries, clients seek to make a difference and a large impact in locations that  need ethical and financial assistance through tourism and yet, provide special experiences that the average visitor would never get to see.

To cite just one example, with the aid of these types of trips, a contribution is made to help areas in want or with a number of problems, such as some parts of Africa, by visiting a game reserve on the continent to see how a wildlife program is being developed to reduce the poaching of rhinos for their horns, or elephants for their tusks.

In northern Europe, some groups prepare auctions amongst visitors for charitable functions that vary from the construction of facilities in African and Asian countries, to acts in favour of endangered species of animals as indicated above.

Another trend that’s establishing now are the ‘pop up’ or ephemeral hotels, which are created in the centre of natural surroundings for clients to experience something even more unique.

In short, privacy, luxury, gastronomy and a deeper knowledge of the places you visit, are growing a new way of travel, luxury travel


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Peter Spain

After following the property sector for several years especially in Spain, I came to understand the cycles and all the attendant peaks and troughs that come with it.
I now focus my efforts on helping established local agents with their online presence and visibility. Several Spanish agencies are benefitting from the attention to detail and meticulous research that I provide which forms part of the marketing strategy I offer.


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Bill Salvatore - East Valley
Arizona Elite Properties - Chandler, AZ
Realtor - 602-999-0952 / em: golfArizona@cox.net

Sounds wonderful

Thanks for the share, have a great weekend. Bill 

Dec 03, 2021 06:17 AM
Peter Spain

Thanks for the comment Bill and have a great weekend too.;)

Dec 04, 2021 08:11 AM
Joan Cox
House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373 - Denver, CO
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Peter, I like to say --- I work so I can travel, but I think International travel will need to wait until this virus has calmed down, sadly.

Dec 03, 2021 09:31 AM
Peter Spain

I agree Joan

Dec 04, 2021 08:10 AM