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Online marketing is an inexpensive, but effective way to market your business.  Many business owners write articles to generate credibility for themselves and show that they are an expert in their field.  A good article is one that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps them interested while demonstrating that the writer is someone they want to do business with.


Some people make the mistake of writing a very long, detailed article, that drones on and on about how great and knowledgeable the writer is.  How many times have you started to read an article, just to lose interest in the first paragraph?  Short paragraphs, containing useful information, will hold the reader’s attention.  Adding some humor helps if it is appropriate for the subject that you are writing about.  Here are some tips for writing a good article:


The Title


The title is important; it should catch a reader’s attention and clearly describe what the article is about.  The title should be short, 25-65 characters, and contain good keywords for search engines.


People like tips, strategies, solutions, how to, etc…  Examples of good article titles are:  “Tips for Business Owners,” “7 Internet Marketing Techniques,” “5 Proven Strategies for Growing your Business,” “How to Increase Sales,”  “The Top 5 Pitfalls Trapping Small Business Owners.” 


The Introduction


Start your article with a short, five to seven line, paragraph that tells what the article is going to be about.  Make it interesting so the reader will be compelled to read further. 


The Body


This is the interesting, educational information that you wish to share with readers to demonstrate your knowledge and credibility.  Keep paragraphs short, stick to your subject and just say what you need to.  Don’t elaborate too much or your will lose your reader.  Bullet points and lists with plenty of “white space” are easier to read than wordy paragraphs that are over ½ a page long.  Remember the purpose of your article is to get the reader interested in visiting your business and trying your product or service.


The Summary


This is the conclusion of your article.  This short paragraph should summarize the article, using about one sentence for each paragraph in the body to cover a few of the most important points of your article.


The Resource Box


This is the most important part of your article; this is the “about the author” part where you mention your name, something about your business and your accomplishments, some contact information and a hyperlink to your website.  If you have done a good job in keeping the reader’s attention and gaining their interest, they should click through to your website and hopefully, become a client.


Here is an example of a resource box:


This article was written by Ms. Article Writer, an experienced journalist and noted author of several books.  She has been a mentor to many small business owners who have discovered how successful they can be with good internet marketing skills.  Visit Ms. Article Writer’s website at to learn more.


Articles can be an effective marketing tool.  Begin with a catchy title, using good keywords and an interesting introduction.  Keep paragraphs short and interesting, making sure each flows nicely into the next so the article is easy to read and follow.  Your goal is to keep your reader interested so they will not be able to resist clicking the link to your website to learn more.



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