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Roofing Contractor in Towson Discusses Chimney Flashing Repair

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Maryland contractor, Towson Roofing Pros, has made a reputation for itself by being very good at all different types of roof repairs. This includes everything from small repairs such as replacing a few shingles that have blown off to doing entire roof replacements. The company is also very good at detecting and repairing all types of problems that contribute to leaking roofs.

This is also a topic that a representative of the company wanted to discuss in more detail. He stated, “There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than to constantly deal with a leaky roof. It’s a condition that can lead to costly home structural repairs and damage floors, drywall, and household items if these become wet. That’s why we make it our business to be specialists when it comes to finding and resolving roof leak issues.”

The company representative went on to say that one of the most common roof leak repairs that they are asked to do is to take care of leaks around chimney flashing. Chimney flashing usually consists of strips of copper sheet metal that are placed around the base of a chimney and then sealed at the edges. Over time, chimney flashing can become displaced, corrode, get punctured, or have its sealant fail and cause a roof leak. He added that the techs at Towson Roofing Pros are very good at doing chimney flashing repair in Towson and the surrounding Maryland areas.

Another common leak area that was mentioned was leaks that occur around roof pipes or vents. These are normally sealed where they protrude through the roof by rubber boots. As time goes by, the rubber boots can become dry and start to crack or simply deteriorate. All of which can cause a leak. The representative of the company also talked about roofing nails causing leaks. He says as strange as they may seem, improper roof installation does occur at times, and they see this more often than one might think.

During a roof leak inspection, the company’s techs will also look for situations such as clogged gutters and downspouts. A situation that can cause water in the gutters to back up and contact sensitive roof edges and structural parts longer than it should. Eventually, this may lead to leaks. Also, on the list of most common types of roof leaks are leaks around skylights. These types of leaks result from such things as improper installation, sealant around the skylight shrinking or pulling away, and rotting of the roofing support structure around a skylight. He added that no matter what type of roof leak a customer has, their skilled techs will be able to find it and fix it.

Those that have had leaks and other roof issues resolved by Towson Roofing Pros often leave very favorable reviews. Karl Roy stated, “Towson Roofing Pros installed new copper flashing at my home in Yorktown a few days ago. Beth did a good job managing the installation. They do quality work, and they are a friendly team of roofing professionals.” Kari Briggs proclaimed, “I was looking for a good roofing company around Parkville Maryland, and found Towson Roofing Pros. My roof was getting old and shingles kept blowing off during storms. The roofer came out and inspected my roof and determined that it needed to be replaced. They provided numerous photos and explained why a replacement was a better choice than a roof repair. I appreciated their thorough approach and am very happy with my new roof.”

The company representative also talked about some of their other roof repair specialties. A list that includes Cockeysville roofing installation. He also pointed out that they are one of the best in their Maryland area when it comes to repairing commercial and residential flat roofs.

Home and business owners looking for roof repair in Towson and elsewhere in the Greater Baltimore area can contact the company by phone, email, and by using the form found on its website.


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