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Sly Lead Capture Tools - Real Estate Websites Designed for Conversion

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Real estate is a competitive industry, with agents vying for leads everyday. With nearly all buyers and sellers relying on the internet in all phases of the sales process, incorporating effective real estate lead capture tools into your web portal is huge for finding and funneling leads into your pipeline of business. Many buyers and sellers, however, will avoid a conventional registration form, as they understand the abundance of information available to them online. To mitigate this trend, sometimes you have to get sneaky. There are 3 tools that should be a part of your real estate website system that may not immediately appear to be lead capture forms, but are proven to convert far more than a traditional lead capture form - because they provide value in exchange for contact info.

#1. Make an Offer Tool - Capture Buyer Leads
The average buyer will spend hours and hours on various websites looking at listings before they reach out to an agent. When you get a blind lead, it is nearly impossible to judge the motivation level or timeframe of the buyer on the other end of the computer.  Enter the “Make an Offer” Tool.

A valuable tool that not only captures buyer leads but also helps qualify them is a "Make an Offer" tool. This feature entails a pre-programmed button highlighted on each and every listing on your site, inviting buyers to submit an offer. Buyers think they are bypassing the process and getting to the front of the line. When buyers take the initiative to submit an offer, it signals their readiness to progress in the buying process. When the lead arrives in your inbox, you have the ability to reach out immediately and convert a hot lead - one that is ready to buy now! There is nothing better than getting a lead that is immediately ready to purchase - take advantage of this motivation and opportunity every time with this invaluable tool!

#2. Home Valuation Tool - Capture Seller Leads
Among the most valuable hidden lead generation features for real estate agents is a home valuation tool, which is particularly effective for capturing seller leads. Prospective sellers always begin their journey by trying to determine how much profit they will make if they sell. You greatly enhance your ability to capture a seller lead by offering an answer to this question. 

A home valuation tool landing page should be an easily accessible tool on your website. By prominently displaying a home valuation tool, you encourage potential sellers to request a personalized valuation report for their property. The trick is that they must input their valid email address to receive the report. This exchange enables you to capture viable seller leads. Since users anticipate receiving valuable information, they are more likely to provide accurate contact details. 

#3. Price Change Tracker - Capture Buyer AND Seller Leads
Both buyers and sellers are always tracking the market to see how properties are changing price. Price changes signal changes in the market. Capture more leads - both buyer and seller by adding a price change tracker tool to your real estate web design. This tool automatically sends users updates when a specific listing undergoes a price change. For buyers, it provides insights into market direction and enables them to track properties of interest effectively. Sellers can utilize price change trackers to remain knowledgeable about their local market and determine competitive listing prices when they decide to sell. By offering these updates, you can capture viable buyer or seller leads. Since visitors willingly register to receive this valuable information, they are more inclined to provide their contact details.

The key to maximizing lead conversion lies in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. By offering tangible value, you incentivize users to provide their contact information. When website visitors receive valuable benefits in return for their information, they are more likely to provide it and ultimately convert into viable leads. With the right real estate web platform and technology, you can effectively capture and convert more leads, driving the growth of your business.