The importance of having experienced professionals offering residential services

Home Inspector with McNally Engineering, LLC

Sometimes I've heard prospective clients say that they can get a structural inspection or a septic system inspection for a couple of hundred dollars and that makes me wonder how is that possible?  I understand that we have to be competitive and that there are so many firms and individuals providing the same services, that price is one of the most important factors when someone is "service" shopping.  However, having an experienced and licensed professional doing that work and assuming the responsibility and liability that comes with the work is sometimes worth the difference in price.

The other day I received a phone call from a gentleman that had just bought a home and he wanted a structural inspection because he was told by another professional that the crack found in the basement was nothing to worry about. After he bought the house, he started seeing other areas of the home that were impacted by that "crack".

Whenever you have a "buyer" or a "seller" as a client, it is on your and the client's best interest to contracting with an experienced/licensed professional engineer or hygienist. Search your local listings, go to the State Board's website, look for a qualified professional to complement your services and you'll get a more satisfied client. You would have provided a good and complete service.

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