Down Payment Assistance shuts down on September 30th

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The Down Payment Assistance is closing in a few weeks. For consumers that are in need take advantage now and don't miss this opportunity. Below I have listed the sites to obtain information:


Now is the time to take advantage of this help. Get informed and use the system to acheive your dream.

 Buyer's sitting on the fence wait no more!!

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Don't be so quick to say goodbye to DPA! 

There is a new bill in congress to save DPA, H.R. 6694.  I learned about it on this website.  I don't think this is the end of DPA.

Sep 04, 2008 04:46 AM

Wow thanks for the link Chae.  I will also support the new bill HR 6694. I was scared this was the end.  I will fight for Down Payment Assistance.

H.R. 6694
A bill introduced by Representatives Maxine Waters, Gary Miller, Al Green and Christopher Shays on July 31, 2008, that would reinstate SF-DPA. If passed and signed into law, the FHA Seller-Financed Downpayment Reform and Risk-Based Pricing Authorization Act of 2008 (H.R. 6694) will allow downpayment assistance to continue indefinitely.

Sep 08, 2008 03:45 AM