Best Dog Breeds for Downtown Living

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beagle.jpgAccording to a dog training blog called The Daily Dog Article, there are 5 breeds you may want to consider if you live downtown and are thinking of getting a pet:

Pug - They aren't expressive, and neither are they stressful. They'll engage themselves in some physical activities for a short period of time, then fritter the majority of the day resting. Young pugs are known to be gentle and clever pets that will be trained and learn considerably.

Shih Tzu - Spoil this dog and she'll deem herself as higher than other dogs. Shih Tzu's are one of a small number of dog breeds that were particularly bred for royal families all through the times. Without a doubt, Shih Tzus are quite familiar to a royal way of life, making them excellent pets for apartment or condominium residents.

Golden Retriever - They are regarded as the third most intelligent of the dog breeds. They're the largest of the group included in this list, but their gentle demeanor and highly clever aptitude makes their size quite immaterial when it comes to the expediency of metropolitan living. Golden Retrievers are very trainable, and they aren't as mischievously lively as other dogs.

Beagle - These dogs make fantastic pets. One glance at their features would be enough to make you happy. Don't let a Beagle's tiny body trick you. Beagles make wonderful guard dogs, as they are forever ready to defend their handlers in opposition to any perceived mischief.

Chihuahua - They often grab people's interest because of their very small size. For the speed set by city life, Chihuahuas would attest to be the ideal match. They are lively, but they are easily alarmed as well and they will retreat from whatever they regard as a danger.

What do you think - do you agree, or is there a better breed missing from this list?

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