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So what exactly is the value of your home?  Well, it depends.  If you're asking how much you think you could get for your home if you put it on the market, then the answer would be that the value is what today's buyer is willing to pay for it.  I emphasize "today's" because the same house might sell for much less now than it would in the next few years (when the market is back up).  Also note that it's the buyers (i.e., the market) that determine the value of a home-not you, the owner, and not me as a Realtor (i.e., my personal opinion).  As a Realtor, my job is to give you an honest assessment, through a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), of what I think your home is worth in today's market.  If you'd like to know the value of your home, go to  If you're considering selling your home, pricing it right is of the utmost importance, and I can help you do just that.  

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