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                           Marble tile

Marble tiles are the most spectacular flooring media on the market. In popularity, they beat even the highest grades of granite hands down. They are most commonly used in formal master bathrooms, both on the floors and walls, but have a variety of applications.

However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before using them. First of all, be sure that you understand the basics of marble -- what kind of maintenance is required, the grades available, the going rates attached to each, and the drawbacks of the material.

Yes, there are drawbacks to using marble tiles. Apart from the fact that they require far more careful cleaning other tiles, natural marble tiles (unless they are of the pristine white variety) usually cannot be laid out in a visually seamless manner. This is because most natural marble has subtle veining and color variations that will, under most circumstances, not permit a perfect visual match.

It must be borne in mind that marble tiles are usually the 'leftovers' from the cutting of larger slabs, since the largest possible sizes are given preference in the cutting and grading processes. This being so, finding a set of visually and texturally compatible tiles large enough for one's purpose can be quite a chore.

For this reason, care must be taken on two counts --first, buy marble only form an authorized and reputed dealer. Second, employ the services of an experienced installer, since the only time that reasonable consistency can be ensured is at the installation stage.

The installer will also ensure that there is no future warping of the marbled surface by embedding it in a consistent mortar bed. Colored marble tiles such as the green and black kinds have a tendency to wrap or 'curl' when they are exposed to too much water. An experienced installer will anticipate this and take appropriate precautions.

If you are prepared to maintain and install your marble tiles properly, you will enjoy the benefits of this fine and beautiful material.

The use of marble floor tiles as a building material has had a quite long and famous career, as it has had extensive uses in the courtyards of the Roman Empire, in the palaces and estates of Renaissance Europe, and up to more recent times.

Marble floor tiles have become more and more popular, not only for residential applications, such as hallways, foyers, living rooms and in bathrooms, but also for commercial projects with similar uses. One of the best attributes marble tiles can extend to a project is the aura of artistry and old-world elegance that only marble tiles can effectively bring to homes and buildings.

Marble Serves As An Elegant Decorative Piece

The reputations of marble tile have stayed strong for centuries. One of the aspects in which marble is known is its role in the creation of exquisite fine art. Generally it is treasured for its refined, classical, decorative look.

Marble is also known for its versatility in the production of artifacts ranging from monuments to sculptures, wall tiles to floor tiles. However because of the connections most people have with this stone type, no matter what application most of us have in mind, the result is definitely going to be viewed as a major artistic statement and one that is meant to last for years. A marble tile floor will remain as a monument to itself, as well as to good taste, with which it is also associated.

At present, these types of tiles are finding more and more applications, and usually range from utilizing marble tiles in bathrooms, to using marble tiles in the hallways and lobbies of commercial buildings. One may say that marble, which was the fixture of choice in the middle ages, is itself enjoying a renaissance of its own today.


Marble Has A Unique Aesthetic Quality Not Seen In Other Stones

Marble tiles today possess a decorative natural stone flooring solution that cannot be matched aesthetically. Marble has generally been sought after by artists, artisans, and architects, and is firmly rooted in the history of architecture, art, and of the development of Eastern and Western civilizations.

These stones were used to fashion memorable and literally monumental pieces of artwork. As such, marble stands as a material with built-in associations of craft, artistry, and longevity, making it a preferred material for use in any interior. With marble tiles, a unique aesthetic quality is gained, along with a reputation for the rich historical legacy with which this stone is associated with.

Hypoallergenic Choice For Flooring

Many view the use of marble as a hypoallergenic choice for flooring, because it has a dense surface upon which antigens, and particles which cause allergic symptoms become inflamed, and are less able to reside than they would in carpets. Before, the use of marble as flooring surfaces for hospitals was common, until the use of porcelain tiles grew to its current level of popularity.

In the summer season, the cool surface of these tiles can be quite a pleasant underfoot, adding a unique comfort value to the choice of flooring. Most flooring experts see marble floor tiles as a great way to accent an interior, with the added benefits of its more practical features.

General Applications For Marble Tiles

Currently, there are a number of natural stone tiles being used in residential and commercial applications. Marble tiles usually are suitable for general residential and light commercial applications, and they increase the aesthetic values of most homes and offices.


There is, however, an application that marble is not well suited for, and it is for kitchen countertops, since marble's composition fades and depreciates when exposed to acidic material. The most common residential uses of marble are for window sills, fireplaces hearths, decorative foyers and bathroom floors. Other bathroom applications for marble include wall covering, backsplashes, tub decks and showers.

Popular Marble Tile Designs

Using marble tiles for bathroom floors and surfaces are essential if your main goal is to create an elegant shower room. These tiles are available polished, tumbled or honed. Honed tiles are used to provide more traction, while polished tiles will provide a more elegant look, but could become slippery when wet, so bath mats need be placed at critical points to prevent accidents like sliding. Tumbled marble, with its old-world feel and rustic look, is also becoming a popular choice for many homeowners.

Marble Floor Tile Colors And

Marble tiles are truly viable tiling materials for bathrooms, entryways, fireplaces, living and dining areas. These tile types are generally utilized for both interior and exterior flooring applications. Among the many available marble tile colors are white, red, black, mottled and banded gray, pink and green.

For each color noted, there may be some variations and mixtures, and these are mostly available at the nearest home décor shops or hardware store. Floor tile sizes generally range from 305 x 305 mm to 800 mm free length.

The tile finish could also vary from polished, gauged or beveled. Natural stones, such as marble and limestone, have prices ranging from $5 to $20 per square foot, and are more common in higher-priced renovation. Glass tiles on the other hand, can cost as much as $25 to $50 per square foot, depending on the design.

Marble floor Tile Maintenance

While marble can create a shiny, elegant look, it requires more maintenance than ceramic tiles. Marble is generally a porous material and should be sealed once every one to two years, depending on how much the area is used. For example, if you have a steam shower that you use every day, you should seal the tiles more often because the steam and heat could break down the treatment.

Health Benefits of Marble Tiles in Homes

Natural stones like marble are famous for adding a sophisticated touch to homes and buildings, and its excellent appearance, superior natural characteristics, and ease of installation and maintenance make it a preferred material for use in floors, wall coverings, table tops, vanity tops, tub decks and bathroom walls and showers.


These types of materials are available in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns. Since this is a natural stone, homeowners should allow for some minor variations in color among the different tile variants.


Effective Materials For Keeping Away Bacteria


Marble floor tiles are famous for being very conducive in keeping particular areas of the home free from the infestation of allergens and pathogens, because it has an ability of being able to keep microscopic particles from thriving and finding living space on the surface. These tile variants make it hard for bacteria and microscopic germs to live in it, which makes it xplains why it is relatively easy to clean. For daily maintenance, all you need is a clean cloth and permitted detergent, for your tiles to look as good as new.


These floors are also renowned for providing a cool, relaxing walking surface, particularly in the areas of the house that are generally hot and humid. This is because these materials are able to retain the cold temperature of its surroundings. In addition, these tiles do not need as much cleaning, because for one, is resistant to moisture, and also shines naturally, which does not necessitate daily waxing.


Affordable Elegance In Homes


Marble flooring producers and dealers often use terms like "understated," "elegant", "refined", and "modern affordability" to describe their product, and these words surely possess all those aspects. This natural stone requires little care and maintenance. It ages beautifully and is able to withstand heavy use and traffic.


However, some measures need to be taken to preserve the beauty of these tiles in your home: Use trivets under hot pots, kettles and pans, as materials like ceramics and china are likely to etch these surfaces.

Certain types of food and drinks contain acids, like citrus, tomato, etc, and these can dull the marble's surface. In effectively cleaning these floors, use a dry dust mop and try to minimize the amount of sand, dirt, and debris that reside or come into contact with these tiles. In cleaning a bath or shower with marble tiles, utilize a non-acidic detergent or solution consisting of ammonia and water.


With minimal daily cleaning and long-term upkeep, these flooring materials in your home are sure to provide years of elegance and affordable functionality. The two most popular tiles for homes are marble and granite. However, both these materials are quite expensive but they make the home or building look grander and more alluring. In addition, real estate agents find it easier to sell homes with marble and granite tiles for a lot more money.


The positive aspect of using these materials for flooring, is that they are very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Marble and granite flooring materials also possess the advantage of being water-resistant, which makes them preferred for installation in bathrooms too.

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