Is the use of thermal imaging or an Infrared camera a deal killer in a realestate transaction?

Home Inspector with Seacoast Inspections LLC

         Short answer DEFINITELY NOT! The use of a thermal imaging camera in a residential real estate transaction helps everyone involved. The client or potential buyer gets the most information possible about the true condition of a property. This allows the buyer to make an educated decision that is based more on facts than emotion.
          The agent and home inspector both benefit because they have provided the buyer with as much information about the property as possible. There is a much smaller chance of problems popping up after the buyers have moved in. This means the buyers are happier and will remember who helped them get there. This all translates into more referrals and both home inspectors and real estate agents benefit.
          For agents specifically, you show your true intentions. If you are referring people to inspection companies because you know they are not as thorough, it will catch up with you. Yes you might get the sale on that property, but in the long haul you will not get any referrals from those clients. On the flip side if you direct people to an inspection company that can provide more information. Your clients will know you have their best interest at heart and not your commission.
          The bottom line is Thermal Imaging or Infrared is here to stay. In the near future every home inspection company will have to use them. Some are slow to change with the times. The key is to find a company that is not only invested in Infrared but has invested in themselves and proper formal training. You can have all the greatest tools in the world but if you don't understand how to use them it is all for nothing.

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