When will attitudes change?

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Change has started here in the US as witnessed by the millions of people who stood in the D.C mall this past tuesday to witness the changing of the guard. You can see it by the giddy smiles of anticipation and the knowledge that even though the future is uncertain - at least something new is about to happen.

Markets are still in flux...interest rates do the daily see-saw..and the unknowing is all that is keeping many people from dipping their feet in the waters and taking advantage of low interest rates and low housing prices. When we see even a hint of a little stability - the people will come back to the housing market.

What can we do ? as REALTORS?.. keep the faith! Educate and guide the first time home buyers. Keep our eyes on our local markets and let our buyers and sellers know that Real Estate is local and they should not get caught up in the generalities that the news and media spout about the overall national trends. Focus on local opportunities and rebuff the ney-sayers. Don't get caught up in the water cooler politics but instead focus on grass roots marketing and be pro-active in turning your own little niche into the next big thing.

Adjust our attitudes and adjust our perceptions. Positive change will come.

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