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The Proposed $15,000 tax credit is already working! Unfortunately.

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I'm thinking of getting a baseball bat for my office. 

The new proposed $15,000 tax credit for home buyers is working already!  I met with a client today who came in to start looking at houses PROMPTED PRIMARILY BY THE PROPOSED $15,000 TAX CREDIT BEING CONSIDERED AS PART OF THE LATEST BAIL-OUT PACKAGE!  Cool, right?

Maybe a plastic bat.  Red.  I like red.

I was excited to meet him.  He was intelligent and quickly came to the point.  He said he wanted to take advantage of the tax credit by buying a house and then moving out, renting the place and buying another house and so on.  I calmly explained that I didn't think that was the intent of the legislation, and that the way the credit was proposed that probably wouldn't work.  "Who's gonna know?" he asked.  "I will.  You will.  And eventually, since you need to FILE TAXES TO GET A TAX CREDIT, the IRS will," I replied, with a sort of smile.

A red foam bat.  Big one.  Scary looking, but nothing they could send you to prison for if you had to use it.

He didn't like the answer, but hey, by this time I didn't like him much.  We're in a real crisis and this cowboy wants to try and screw somebody.  I tried to be polite.  I tried to understand.  I even made an attempt to convince myself the guy was just trying to be creative and that he'd come to his senses eventually and maybe even buy a house from me.  But the experience just left me sort of empty.  Vacant.  Feeling a little soulless.  I thanked him for coming in, nice to meet you, blah blah blah, but I think Mr. Buyer you need to rethink this strategy.  It's a bad one.  He didn't like that, either.

On second thought, maybe wood.  Yeah, wood.

Big Jimmy

Actually I believe it has now been changed to $9000.00 or 7 can't remember. Sometimes it appears it takes a while for some folks to learn! This gentleman obviously hasn't discovered that it 's fellers like him that have put us where we are today, unless you believe everyone should have a Swiss bank account. Great comment and keep up the good fight, oh and if you need a bigger bat let me know!

Feb 19, 2009 08:15 AM
Kenneth Young
Uni International LLC - Virginia Beach, VA

LOL.... I understand exactly the kind of "prospective" client that he is...  It's like a client the other day wanted to purchase a 1.5 million dollar Gas Staton w/property.... when I asked them how much cash they had to put down, they told me $22,000.    Some ppl just don't get it....

Mar 04, 2009 06:51 AM