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While reading "Taking home tours without ever visiting the house" posted February 20th, 2009 by Jeffrey Wolf at http://www.9news.com, Wolf states "Home owners are perhaps catching wind of this. More of them are producing their own virtual tours and posting them on Web sites like YouTube.com. Some of them resemble homemade movies with shaky video and less than professional production value, but if it helps get the house sold, production value may be irrelevant."  Is production value irrelevant?  Will a home have equal chances of selling whether it has a professionally produced video tour, a Realtor/home owner made video tour, or no video tour at all?  Unfortunately at the time there is no conclusive data to prove one way or the other however, we can apply principles that work in other industries and expect to see certain results.

At Theater of Homes we feel that video is persuasive and an effective medium.  We also believe that a professional looking video tour retains viewers and tells viewers that the representing Realtor takes professionalism seriously.  We strive to make YOU look good.  Theater of Homes strives to create cinema quality video tours.  We feel quality does matter.  We believe viewers would prefer to watch quality tours.  We believe a polished video portrays a polished individual.

Thoughts and comments welcomed.

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I've been converting my slide shows to YouTube as I'm not happy with the videos I've produced so far.  For the moment it is a step up and at least it gets the homes and neighborhoods I write about out in cyberspace to a wider audience.

Feb 20, 2009 08:35 AM
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