Portland #4 Best Housing Market according to Forbes Magazine Feb 24, 2009

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Portland real esate market is getting noticed.  Forbes has tapped our market again.  Keeping real estate real is what Forbes continues to do.  By evaluating all the data available and trends of what is coming down the pike, they give the best and worse perfoming markets.

In December Portland ranked #9 for the best long term bet in real estate.  Now just this week Portland is ranked #4 best performing housing markets.  The Portland market is a patchwork of communities that include Lake Oswego, West Linn, Beaverton and Tigard to name just a few.

Prices in the Portland, Oregon market had a steady increase in the high double digits, when other parts of the country were in the 30% and higher.  Our steady up tick in the boom years of 2005-2007 has helped soften the landing somewhat as current prices are in line with 2005.  Price decrease in the past 12 months is at 13%. 

Homeowners that made a purchase a mear 10 years ago and have made their monthly mortgage each month, should be sitting pretty happy with a doubled value of their home.  Historically homes will double in price every 10-12 years (depending on location and other ecomomic factors).  This is how real esate should be.  Steady as she goes. For more information contact me info@lakeoswegohomesellers.com .

Not only is the Portland market a good real estate investment, it is offers an awesome lifestyle that features clean air and water, the home of the bottle bill. 

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