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    Inman News worthy Blog Posts

    Inman News worthy Blog Posts: The purpose of this Group is to produce Posts that the individual writer of the post believes should be featured on Inman News. Active Rain has partnered with Inman News where members post will be randomly picked by Inman. So why not make it easy for Inman I created this Group so Inman need only to subscribe to this Group and will have an easier time to pick Posts they would like to feature.

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    Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

    A group for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Network

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    Activerain and Member (Plugs)

    This group is all about members plugging the (Activerain) Network and plugging Activerain (Members). My main reason for the group is because we are all one big family at Activerain and plugging the Network and Members is a very Honorable and great way to build businesses, friendships, trust and love between people and the Activerain Community. This group is all about them, and giving and praise will bring back great fortune! I am very excited about this new group! Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

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    Family Ties

    First question: Is this simply a fan club for the 80's sitcom? No. I just wanted to think of something memorable for this group. This is meant to be a fun place to escape the daily drama of the real estate industry. Please feel free to post any family stories or lessons here. We envision this as a great place to share funny stories about kids, marriage, siblings, parenting, or anything family-related. Posts may relate business to family life, or they may be about striking a healthy balance be...

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    Active Rain Cat Lovers

    This is a group for crazy cat people like myself. Dogs are all right too, but for the crazy real estate life that I lead, cats seem to just work better!

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    This group is about CALIFORNIA (Only) I formed this group because I have been visiting and traveling through California since I was 14 years old. I own property in California and it is my favorite State. You can post any blogs you want about California, photographs, etc. I have been California dreaming all my life. Let me read about other people that have this similar dream! (Founder: Robert Swetz - Vegas Bob) Robert Swetz, Founder

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    ActiveRain Anonymous

    There are those of us that recognize we have a problem and the problem we have is we love to blog. The severity of the problem could be called "An Addiction". If you feel like you fit into this group and need support from your fellow addicts, then this is the group for you. You will not be chastised for your addiction but only will get encouragement and support. This group will allow you to put your feelings down without embarrasment. Your fellow addicts will offer up their friendships and yo...

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    San Diego Realtors®

    Regional News, Events, & Listings in San Diego county.

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    Winston Towers Sunny Isles Beach

    The Winston Towers in Sunny Isles Beach has spectacular views of the ocean. The Winston Towers condo is an ideally situated real estate. It is minutes away from South Beach, near shops in Bal Harbour and Aventura Mall. Nightlife and restaurants are within walking distance. The Winston Towers condos are across the street from Sunny Isles Beach Park where you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Winston Towers 100, Winston Towers 200, Winston Towers 300, Winston Towers 400, Winston Towers 500, Winston...

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    Tuesday's Treasures

    Post on Tuesdays - or any other day of the week - photos and short remembrances, celebrations, and tributes. This is for things that make us feel good - landscapes, a book, a concert or movie, sunsets, people, awards, treats, special occasions - in a word, "treasures." Share photos (with or without captions) or stories. Posts should express "I feel good today."

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    ActiveRain Ambassadors

    A private group for the amazing Ambassadors of ActiveRain.

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    AR Wine Connoisseurs

    It has been said that a day without wine is a day without sunshine ! If this is how you feel, then please come share your passion for the grape with us ! Together we can discover new wines and share knowledge concerning various whites and reds . Additionally we are on a never ending quest to find great tasting, but affordable bottles of wine(< $25). Finally please feel free to post any upcoming wine events in your marketplace ! See the wine, smell the wine, sip the wine ! Enjoy !

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    Out Of The Box!

    This Group is focused on unusual marketing, sales strategies and techniques. Specifically geared towards people who don't do the status quo. They rise above it. If you think outside of the proverbial box then this Group is right up your Rain Alley. ROAR :)

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    Lessons Learned

    The smartest person in real estate is the one who has made the most mistakes. Post your stories of embarrassment, shame, and failure so that we can all learn from your mistakes. After all, we all fail and make mistakes, but the winners in life are those who fail forward, and get back up stronger and wiser!

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    Art of Professional Salesmanship

    The true presence of professional salesmanship is the absence of it. Showmanship, preparedness, and confidence in your ability are the three traits of a professional salesperson. The changing real estate market demands mastery of such skills. We'll share information about scripting, prospecting, marketing, and closing skills to better hone your craft and increase your effectiveness as a professional salesperson.

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    I have a question

    I've seen lots of post where members ask questions and sometimes they get great responses. I've also run across some questions that no one answered because it few by the blog roll and the person asking might be newer and not have a big following. So I thought I'd creat a place where all us can go to ask a question. Not limited to just real estate of course, but please business related questions.

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    Active Rain Foodaholics

    Food lovers unite! This group is for those who live to eat. Create profiles of your favorite local restaurants, share your unique family recipes, recall tales of diners and eateries you've visited around the world, and talk about unusual cuisine or your latest food find. Napkins to wipe the drool off your face are NOT provided. Read at your own risk!

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    The Vent

    Did some buyer rip you off? Did a salesperson do you an injustice? Did your ex do something so totally whacked that you have to tell someone? Well, post it here! Consider this your own personal sounding board. We are listening, and you will feel better after you've gotten some sympathy and LET IT ALL OUT! You know what it said on the quiet guy's headstone? "He never vented" All subjects welcome--just use the %#*&&^% to replace the profanity:)

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    Gilbert Arizona Real Estate

    Welcome to the new and improved Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Group. This group is open for anything and everything related to Gilbert and Real Estate. Feel free to post local events, things to do, market reports, open houses, the best restaurants, and most of all your real estate successes. Anything educational is also welcome, as I want this to be a place where all Gilbert Realtors can help each other learn, grow, and show off their talents in a transparent and sharing environment.

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