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  • Activerain and Member (Plugs)

    This group is all about members plugging the (Activerain) Network and plugging Activerain (Members). My main reason for the group is because we are all one big family at Activerain and plugging the Network and Members is a very Honorable and great way to build businesses, friendships, trust and love between people and the Activerain Community. This group is all about them, and giving and praise will bring back great fortune! I am very excited about this new group! Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)

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  • Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

    A group for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Network

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  • Luxury Home Marketing

    Place where we can discuss the marketing of luxury homes and upper-tier properties. Discuss ideas and strategies that work. If you work with high-end clients selling luxury homes or want to join in that exclusive niche then by all means join the group and lets get some discussions going.

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    All Real Estate listings are welcome to be posted in this group. Feel free to post buyer needs to possibly match with a listing.

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  • Thankful Thursdays

    The Thankful Thursdays group is designed to promote the sharing of those things that you are thankful for. It is for positive thoughts that you want to share with others, designed to lift both your spirits and those of the readers. There will be few rules. Both posts and comments should be positive. This is not a forum for debate. Please share your thoughts in both words and pictures.

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  • San Diego Realtors┬«

    Regional News, Events, & Listings in San Diego county.

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  • First Time Homebuyer

    The group to join if you blog to a first time homebuyer audience. We provide a group which aggregates blog articles about buying your first home. Mortgage professionals, Realtors and other professionals blogging specifically to this market are encouraged to submit articles here. By the same token, we encourage links to the group and the referencing of articles for use in your efforts in educating your clients. Strict adherence to our non-soliciting rules are required and those rules can be fo...

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  • ActiveRain Anonymous

    There are those of us that recognize we have a problem and the problem we have is we love to blog. The severity of the problem could be called "An Addiction". If you feel like you fit into this group and need support from your fellow addicts, then this is the group for you. You will not be chastised for your addiction but only will get encouragement and support. This group will allow you to put your feelings down without embarrasment. Your fellow addicts will offer up their friendships and yo...

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  • Quotes of yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Group to post your favorite quotes from any and everyone. Post your inspirational, motivational, humorous and sappy quotes. Or, make up your own quote and post.

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  • Pacific Northwest Real Estate

    A place to talk about Real Estate close to home. Lets share ideas, thoughts, experience and ever day life in the great Pacific North West.

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  • AR Wine Connoisseurs

    It has been said that a day without wine is a day without sunshine ! If this is how you feel, then please come share your passion for the grape with us ! Together we can discover new wines and share knowledge concerning various whites and reds . Additionally we are on a never ending quest to find great tasting, but affordable bottles of wine(< $25). Finally please feel free to post any upcoming wine events in your marketplace ! See the wine, smell the wine, sip the wine ! Enjoy !

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  • Tuesday's Treasures

    Post on Tuesdays - or any other day of the week - photos and short remembrances, celebrations, and tributes. This is for things that make us feel good - landscapes, a book, a concert or movie, sunsets, people, awards, treats, special occasions - in a word, "treasures." Share photos (with or without captions) or stories. Posts should express "I feel good today."

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  • ActiveRain Ambassadors

    A private group for the amazing Ambassadors of ActiveRain.

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  • Luxury Home Agents

    Luxury Home Agents is a group for agents who list and sell luxury homes, (over 1 million Dollars). Anyone who also aspires to be in this market may join

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    A place to discuss all things relating to California real estate. Advertise a listing. discuss local interests and areas. Meet and build relationships with other AR members located in California.

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  • I have a question

    I've seen lots of post where members ask questions and sometimes they get great responses. I've also run across some questions that no one answered because it few by the blog roll and the person asking might be newer and not have a big following. So I thought I'd creat a place where all us can go to ask a question. Not limited to just real estate of course, but please business related questions.

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  • Effective Farming

    This group is dedicated to the discussion of farming. Not just in general terms, but in specifics about what we do and the results we get from those efforts. So come on in and start sharing and learning what really works. Appropriate posts will at least in some way relate to the process of farming or getting new clients in any form that might take.

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  • Gilbert Arizona Real Estate

    Welcome to the new and improved Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Group. This group is open for anything and everything related to Gilbert and Real Estate. Feel free to post local events, things to do, market reports, open houses, the best restaurants, and most of all your real estate successes. Anything educational is also welcome, as I want this to be a place where all Gilbert Realtors can help each other learn, grow, and show off their talents in a transparent and sharing environment.

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  • Gone Fishing!

    For everyone who loves to fish every chance they get! Fishing stories, fishing jokes, all things FISH!

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  • Everything OKLAHOMA

    Everything Oklahoma... If it has to do with Oklahoma, we would love to have it posted here. Listings, stories, events, localism post.. as long as it is about Oklahoma, please post it. I encourage members to check to see the posts on the group page and comment on each others' posts... Here's to all Okies doing well on Active Rain!

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