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By Mark Maupin See Blog Free Investors Training, National Real Estate Investors Network Host
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Click Picture to Search Grosse Pointe Homes for Sale   Grosse Pointe Homes for Sale   Grosse Pointe Homes for Sale:  Nearly 80 percent of people looking to by a home, from first time home buyers to experienced real estate investors will start their home search on the internet.  These days, browsing Grosse Pointe homes for sale is much easier than it was in the past.   Back in the day, only licensed real estate agents had access to the information Grosse Pointe home buyers are looking for.  People had to see a realtor in order to see the list of Grosse Pointe homes for sale.   Sine & Monaghan Realtors, Real Living has created a site where the general public can search through hundreds of  Grosse Pointe homes for sale listings, view virtual tours, photos, maps and information about the n...
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By Russ Ravary ~ Metro Detroit Realtor call (248) 310-6239, Michigan homes for sale ~ yesmyrealtor@gmail.com
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So many people didn't plan for the ultimate goal (of a Home).  The ultimate goal in my opinion is to pay off your house.  Pay off your house before you retire so you can retire well. So many people used their house for a bank.  They used their house to pay for vacations, cars, credit cards.  Instead of saving money to pay for college, weddings, or housing updates many people just kept taking out new mortgages for more money or taking out home equity loans.  They are learning the hard way right now.  So take the lessons they learned the hard way. DONT' DO IT.  DON'T USE YOUR HOUSE AS A BANK.  There are going to be so many people that won't have a house in their retirement years.  They won't be able to afford it.  They will be renting an apartment.  They will be looking for the cheapest p...
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By Brad Kress, CSP, Home Staging Pro, Interior - Exterior Redesigner
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There are two ways to look at spending money on improving your home.  First, look at costs only with every purchase.  The typical result is a home interior or exterior that looks like it was done on a budget.  The second option is to employ a professional to help spend money in the right areas.  This option may or may not result in higher cost, but almost always improve the result.One of the best examples of this is hiring an architect to assist in a building expansion/renovation.  Although there is an added expense, proper planning by a professional can many times reduce costs in other areas.  If a redo can be avoided by hiring a professional first, that can save both time and money.Professional Home Staging and Interior or Exterior ReDesign is another great example of getting good adv...
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