groups: Groups Has a New Look - 10/21/10 04:59 AM
I'm very excited to introduce you to the new look and feel of ActiveRain's Groups.  Groups are a great way to stay connected and get your posts in front of more eyes and each blog post can be assigned to 5 groups.  
We are launching this immediately as a Preview. We welcome your feedback and concerns so that the transformation is silky smooth.
If you have an existing group set up and you are either the Founder or Administrator, you are more than welcome to edit your group and try out the new design preview.

Notice the Banner Image … (67 comments)

groups: New batch of ActiveRain enhancements - 06/06/07 02:54 AM
We just put up a new batch of enhancements to ActiveRain based off of your requests these past couple weeks.  These enhancements are a part of a continuous effort to improve your experience and provide you with more ways to find content.
New filter for blog posts:
Enhancement #1 is an additional filter for browsing blog posts that provides a new way to find posts by who wrote them. 
You can now do things such as show only posts written by loan officers or choose to show only the posts targeted to real estate professionals of those bloggers to whom you have subscribed(a request … (68 comments)

groups: Private groups and other enhancements - 05/20/07 03:46 PM
Private groups are here!  We just released them along with several enhancements to the existing group features on ActiveRain.  The three main improvements were, the addition of private groups, the ability to invite members to a group, and categories to help people find groups to join.  Details on all of these below...
Private Groups
Private groups are groups that are only accessible to members of that group.  New members must either be approved or invited by the group administrator(s) before they are granted access to view the messages in the group or post.  For example you might want to create a private group … (57 comments)

groups: Getting a Group Started - 12/11/06 09:32 AM
The new ActiveRain Groups Tools present a great way to set up a community of like-minded professionals focusing on a particular topic or theme.
I hope that through reading this and related posts you'll be a better more effective leader, and member of the groups that pique your interests.
Setting up a group is easy but forming a community of interested bloggers is a different story. When establishing a group some necessary social factors must be in place.
What's There? In putting together groups it's difficult to get something started that doesn't already have some budding interest. Rather than trying to start … (7 comments)

groups: Creating a group within ActiveRain - 12/08/06 01:48 PM
This is the technical description of how to set up a group.  There is more to it than this please review this getting a group started post. (coming soon.)
To create a group, be sure you are logged in.
Go to the Groups page. Click "Start New Group".   After clicking “Start New Group” you’ll get to the edit group screen. You’ll be able to come back to this screen and edit the group later if there’s something you want to change. Group title: pick a name for your group and enter it here. Group URL: create an address for your group. Your group … (8 comments)

groups: New group features - 12/07/06 07:46 AM
Since we put up the beta of the groups functionality about a week and a half ago, we've steadily launched features and enhancements and have quite a few more coming early tomorrow morning.  So here's a rundown of things that have been added since we put up the initial beta or will be put up tomorrow morning.
Posting Directly to a Group: 
This was put up over the weekend.  Members of a group (who have not been blocked from posting) can make a post directly to a group without it showing up on their blog. 
Group Announcements:
Group administrators/founders can now make group wide … (57 comments)

groups: Group Types - 12/07/06 07:37 AM
There are an unlimited number of groups that could be created in ActiveRain but they are generally going to fall into a few categories.
Regional groups
You should all belong to a regional group!  Be it that you belong to a particular state, city, or neighborhood group, you should all be a part of a group that somehow geographically represents where you do business.  It's important to be able to know where to go for something local, for posting, and for reading.  Making a serious effort at helping to create a localized group will go a long way an provide a … (8 comments)

groups: Groups - 12/05/06 06:35 AM
What’s with groups?
The ActiveRain Real Estate Network has just passed the 10,000 member point and this community is growing.
With all these members there are currently a large number of posts to read and people to get to know.   We didn’t feel that having one forum in which to view them all was going to be effective much longer.  For that reason we made groups.  Consider them to be an ActiveRain within ActiveRain, managed by the group creator and their chosen moderators.
In this way you are encouraged to create and define your own communities within the community.  What types of groups can … (37 comments)

groups: ActiveRain groups (beta) - Feedback and issues - 11/28/06 03:38 AM
This morning we pushed up a beta for the groups functionality on ActiveRain.  It's still pretty rough but we like to just put stuff out there, so we can get feedback and quickly improve on it.  Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.  A couples issues that will be resolved shortly:
Upload of a group logo is not working (will be fixed very soon)List of all groups on the groups page should order by number of subscribers by default.We need to provide a way to order/filter groups by a geographic area as the list grows.Anyways let us … (63 comments)

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