success: How to Win Five in a Row - 08/05/09 11:40 PM
Five in a Row
To win five sporting events in a row is an amazing feat.  There has not been a Triple Crown winner in horse racing in 30 years.  To win a Superbowl in football takes winning at least three in a row and is celebrated as one of the great accomplishments in all sports each year. To win a World Series requires winning four games, although they do not have to be in a row: just the best of seven. So when Ron Hornaday won his fifth consecutive NASCAR Camping World Truck Race on Saturday, I watched in awe.

success: Don't Be The Victim - 08/05/09 12:29 AM
Playing the Victim
In racing one sees a lot of post-race interviews in which one driver blames another for getting him loose or spinning him out, causing a wreck. I am amazed that drivers have such a hard time taking responsibility for what happens on the track. In racing, as in life, few things happen over which we have no control. A series of events usually occurs before a wreck, and often the wreck could have been avoided. It troubles me when drivers get in front of the camera after a race and play victim.
This is an important issue for … (4 comments)

success: What Is Wrong with Failure? - 08/04/09 02:12 AM
What Is Wrong with Failure?
I have crashed and burned several times in my life-in a race car, in business and in relationships. I have made some pretty major mistakes, and they have cost me a lot.  I used to really beat myself up over them. Now I realize the real cost was the time and energy I wasted on feeling sorry for myself or on not moving forward because I was so caught up in the past, where all my energies were focused.
Not until I was able to let go of the past and concentrate on today did I … (5 comments)

success: August Book Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - 08/03/09 08:46 AM
August Book Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
It has been passed down through the ages, highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen and bought for vast sums of money. This centuries-old Secret has been understood by some of the most prominent people in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein-along with other inventors, theologians, scientists and great thinkers. Now The Secret is being revealed to the world.
"As you learn The Secret you will come to know how you can have, be, or do anything you want. You will know who you really are. You will come to know the true … (0 comments)

success: How Do You Manifest What You Want? - 07/21/09 07:53 AM
I have been doing sales training, motivation, and consulting for years. I am starting a new project and was hoping for some feedback. I would like to hear about your stories. Share with everyone what techniques you have found that work best to manifest the life you desire. When you set a goal what steps do you take to achieve it? How have you achieved your success? By sharing your tips and pointers you will be helping start a dialogue to empower people to accomplish the life they have always dreamed of. Thank you for your time and I thoroughly … (1 comments)

success: Go of Go Home - 07/16/09 01:24 AM
Go or Go Home!
I had the opportunity this past week to watch qualifying for the NASCAR race in Chicago. For those of you not familiar with NASCAR racing, there are 43 starting positions in the race. Usually there are more cars than that that show up to try and make it into the race. The cars that are in the top 35 in owners points are guaranteed a spot, so all of the cars that show up outside of the top 35 have to qualify their way into the big show. For this particular race in Chicago there were 11 … (1 comments)

success: Celebrating Those First Victories - 07/13/09 03:11 AM
Celebrating Those First Victories!
A couple weeks ago Joey Logano celebrated in New Hampshire what many believe will be the first of many victories in his career in New Hampshire. At age 19 he is the youngest driver to ever win a Sprint Cup NASCAR race. A first victory is special on so many levels. It is special just for the fact that winning a race is a huge achievement. It is proof that all of the training and hard work have paid off and were worth it. You earn a respect from the people with whom you race. But most … (2 comments)

success: Deal with your Emotions - 07/10/09 09:29 AM
Deal with your Emotions
Last weekend's NASCAR race had a spectacular finish with cars piling up and sliding across the finish line. Kyle Busch was leading the race but ended up getting loose and wrecking when he tried to block Tony Stewart. After slamming into the wall and getting hit from behind by Kasey Kahne, he ended up falling to 14th place. To go from leading with less than a half mile to go to finishing in 14th place because you got spun out would make anyone upset. The problem for Kyle was that the replay showed clearly that it was … (1 comments)

success: How Do You Want to Win? - 07/09/09 01:57 AM
I had the pleasure of attending the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona this past weekend. For any of you who follow this blog regularly, you know that racing, and in particular NASCAR racing, is a huge passion of mine. It is right up there with the coaching and consulting I do. Helping people win in life and in business correlates with my passion for racing. What made this weekend even better is that I was able to share the experience with someone who had never been to a race.
It was an amazing race, with all the excitement one could expect, … (1 comments)

success: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Dr. Robert Fulghum – July Book Review - 07/08/09 01:50 AM
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Dr. Robert Fulghum - July Book Review
Like most people, I have a going on in my life. Between work and family and keeping up with the normal hustle and bustle of life, I, like others, tend to forget the simple pleasures in life and miss the bigger meaning in the little things. This book by Dr. Robert Fulghum reminds all of us of the significance found in our relationships with others and in everyday occurrences.
So often I find myself forgetting to slow down and smell the roses. … (0 comments)

success: Would You Rather be Right or Rich? - 07/03/09 04:59 AM
Would You Rather Be Right or Rich?
I was amazed today when my appointment for an interview didn't show. I am in the process of hiring one exceptional agent to handle my real estate business in Cape Coral. I thought I had found that person when a lady who had owned a boutique brokerage up north for 12 years responded to my ad. She explained to me that she had lots of experience but her license here in Florida was currently inactive. If she went to work anywhere, because of the state of the economy and her current financial situation, the … (0 comments)

success: Unlock the Power of Your Mind With Hypnosis - 06/22/09 09:40 AM
I wouldn't normally blog about an event but this one is that important. If you want to change your outer world, change your inner mind. My good friend Dr. Steven Roth is hosting this amazing event this week. If you can make it I highly recommend you attend. I will be there personally. I hope to see you there.
Are you willing to accept financial success and prosperity while helping
If you answered yes then read on!
As promised we are bringing all the way from California
World Renown
 Hypnosis Trainer
 Dr. Shelly Stockwell-Nicholas Ph.D.
In addition to practicing Hypnosis … (1 comments)

success: Do You Have a Fear of Failure? - 06/18/09 10:54 PM
Fear of Failure
Yesterday we discussed dealing with fears and how the fear of failure can hold us back from realizing our true potential. This past weekend was probably one of the most exciting NASCAR races I have seen in a long time. Everyone was going to be very close as to whether or not they were going to make it on fuel to the end of the race at Michigan International Speedway. As the race wound down the drivers in the lead were trying to balance being easy on the throttle to save fuel with racing hard enough to … (4 comments)

success: NASCAR Driver Dies in Crash - 06/17/09 11:48 PM
NASCAR Driver Dies in Crash
This past weekend NASCAR Mexico driver Carlos Pardo died in a wreck in the final laps of a race in Pueblo, Mexico. He was leading on lap 97 when a competitor tapped his car from behind, sending it into a retaining wall at the entrance to the pit lane at well over 100 miles per hour. Pardo had raced in one NASCAR Nationwide Series race and in six NASCAR Camping World East races here in the U.S. He was a series champion in 2004 and had won ten races in the Mexico series in 74 starts.

success: Manifest the Life You Have Always Wanted - 06/16/09 01:08 AM
5 Steps to Manifesting Things Fast
Set your intention not a goal. An intention is a way of living that is permanent whereas a goal has a clear ending point. An intention would be something like living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy size and weight. A goal would be I am going to lose ten pounds by July. Put your intention down on paper because if it is not written it is already lost.  
Be grateful for what you currently have. Every day preferably in the morning or to start your day off write down five things … (5 comments)

success: Harmonic Wealth Book Review - 06/10/09 11:32 AM
Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want by James Arthur Ray
This book is not only a must read: it should be kept and referred to daily. If you want to become wealthy-I mean truly wealthy-then this book can show you practical ways to do so. Harmonic Wealth will help you achieve real wealth in the "five pillars": financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual. This book helps make clear that true wealth will never be attained without success in all five areas.
James Arthur Ray combines teachings from some of the world's premiere spiritual leaders with … (0 comments)

success: Do you have a balanced life? - 06/09/09 08:55 AM
Do You Have a Balanced Life?
I just finished reading the book Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray, which talks about harmony in different areas of one's life. My review of that book will be posted later this week. A lot of the books I have read recently agree that a person cannot achieve perfect balance in his life, so he should not stress about not attaining it.
This past weekend's NASCAR race at Pocono is a good example of how a driver must compromise to go faster. Pocono is probably the most uniquely shaped track on the circuit. … (3 comments)

success: Don't Beat Yourself - 06/02/09 10:58 PM
This past weekend's NASCAR race in Dover, Delaware was absolutely dominated by Jimmie Johnson and the Number 48 Team. Johnson led 289 of the 400 laps. He was the class of the field all afternoon, but with a late wreck bringing out the caution flag, everyone came in to pit. Different strategies played out: some teams took four tires, and others took just two, getting out of the pit faster with a better starting position when the race restarted.
The 48 Team, which had been perfect all day in the pit, had an extremely slow stop: Jimmie Johnson came into … (0 comments)

success: Paralysis by Analysis! - 05/28/09 12:43 AM
Paralysis by Analysis!
Being the huge racing fan I am, I consider Days of Thunder one of my favorite movies. In that movie Cole Trickle, played by Tom Cruise, is advised to head right toward the smoke during any crash in front of him; by the time he gets there, the spinning cars involved in the wreck should have slid down the track and out of the way. At 180 miles per hour, a driver does not have the luxury of time to analyze all of the information thrust at him in a crash situation. If Cole had had to … (2 comments)

success: It's Better to be Lucky than Good! - 05/28/09 12:02 AM
It Is Better to be Lucky than Good!
One of my former bosses used to say this on almost a daily basis. I am sure you could find many examples of this being correct. There is probably some element of luck involved in almost every success. In the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 this past weekend, David Reutimann won the rain-shortened race by staying out on the track during the caution for rain that ended up being the last caution of the race. There were 13 cars in front of David when the yellow flag was waved. All of them decided … (6 comments)

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