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     Parma Heights was incorporated as a village in 1911 with a population of less than 300. The village was declared a city on January 10, 1957 with a population of more than 3,900. In the 2000 census there were 21,629 people living in Parma Heights, Ohio.      The City of Parma Heights, Ohio i...
My next attempt at better Search Engine RankingsThrough reading many of the blogs here on Active Rain about SEO and Ranking, I've been doing research on many different things. Checking my competitors sites, search results for different keywords, etc. I realize that going after a broad keyword phr...
I've been reading everyone's advice on SEO and tips and tricks for traffic, but I haven't come across this here yet. There is something I did last year when my site was new. I was submitting my info to google and ran across some advice I'm glad I took. I got my pages listed on Google in 3 days no...
Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents I often wonder why it seems so difficult for a real estate investor to find a good real estate agent. What I mean is an agent that understands what I'm looking for and won't send me on wild goose chases for property's that do not fit the criteria I hav...
Buying and selling in a down market. I had no idea that I'd be working on my second post just hours after my first blog entry. I received an email from someone on the network welcoming me and asking for some words of wisdom about investing (buying and selling) in a down market. I of course replie...
Hello to anyone who happens to stop by this post! I am new to Active Rain. I have been doing an enormous amount of reading here, and you people really have your stuff in line. I'm so glad my friend Angela (Angela Smith (Peach State Property Buyers))gave me an invite.Being an active real estate in...

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