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 The St. Louis Real Estate Market continues to show good signs of activity, both on the buying side as well as the selling side.  We see increases in active listings, homes accepting contracts and pending ratios in almost all price ranges.  Our average pending ratio has increased by over 1%  from...
Obviously, First Time Home Buyer Tax Credits and Move-Up Buyer Tax Credits have played a part in this activity.    Other contributing factors are also the low interest rates,  affordability of homes in our market and of course, for those willing and able to fix up a house or a complete re-hab, th...
The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week is showing signs of upward movement as the holidays are past us, the cold weather is gone, for now.  Active listings are up almost 200 from two weeks ago, as sellers are coming back on the market after the holidays. Homebuyer activity is still strong, as...
The St. Louis Home for Sale Team provides a weekly St. Louis County and Bi-weekly St. Charles County Market and Jefferson County Market Watch Report to review and plug into your home buying or selling scenario.  Your questions and comments are welcome! The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week i...
 The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week heads for the Holidays with activity slowing just a bit.  Buyer activity is still very good, especially in the lower price ranges anywhere from $280,000 and down.  Why $280,000, you ask? In the St. Louis Metropolitan area, FHA lending limits for single ...
For a brief look back this year, we took a look at the change in list prices and sales prices for the past six months compared with the some six month time frame last year.  We found that average list prices fluctuated between 1 percent and 3 percent and sales prices fluctuated between 0 percent ...
 Our St. Louis Real Estate Market this week is definitely showing signs of Holiday Slow-Down.  Over the past two weeks, we've seen active listings decline by 243 listings and homes accepting contracts have declined by 175.   Due to this decline, our pending ratio has dropped to 12.77 percent as c...
The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week moves into the bottom half of November with activity at a level much like the past several weeks-steady.  We are seeing a few less listings coming on the market, but our pending numbers (homes accepting contracts) is still very strong.  Compared to last ...
The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week shows good activity in the lower price ranges, with pending ratios ranging from 17 percent up to 25.7 percent.  Some of the higher price ranges are also still showing pending ratios above 12 percent.  As most of you probably already have read, President ...
 The St. Louis Real Estate Market this week  is showing some signs of slowing down a bit.  Active listings have dropped by about 5 percent, from 4816 last week to 4568 this week. Every price range from $100,000 up to $350,000 has seen decreases in active listings, homes accepting contracts and pe...

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