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In my last blog ‘What is the Billion Dollar Agent Company Vision?’ I talked about where the vision was heading. This week, I’d like to continue along the same lines and further explain where I’m going with this. Billion Dollar Agent Company (BDAC) is a new disruptive business model in the reside...
I am often asked what I see as the path forward for a Billion Dollar Agent company. Here is the detailed version of my answer. Billion Dollar Agent Company (BDAC) is a public company valued at over $1B with over $1B in revenue and profit margins of 20 percent for $200,000,000 in profits in 2016....
Here is the rest of the secret formula to improving your net profit continued from my last blog. I have organized this in the order of focus, depending on your situation, and in my last blog I covered Marketing and Agent Commission mistakes. In this blog I’ll be covering the remaining mistakes i...
Here is the secret formula to improving your net profit. We have organized this in the order of focus, depending on your situation. In this blog, I’ll be covering Marketing and Agent Commissions, then will continue on with the rest in the next blog. Marketing Agent Commissions Brokerage Fees Ass...
I firmly believe that businesses that do monthly financials make more profit than businesses that do not do monthly financials. Many small business entrepreneurs hate accounting. They hate the idea of having to do accounting or understanding accounting. They would like to just get out there, sel...
There are common problems that we see across all teams that often are internally invisible. You’d be amazed at what I see. Here are afew of those problems that may sound familiar: Big Ego Brad Big Ego Brad is always crushing it and killing it. It is someone who grows deals/GCI but not profits. D...
What is worth more, a Zillow or an Open House lead? How much are you spending per Zillow lead? One Open House lead is worth how many Zillow leads? Based on that, each Open House lead is worth how much? Reply to this blog and tell me. See below for reality check. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes...
Do you want to increase the net profit of your business? Of course you do. Do you want to do accounting and finances and monthly financials of income statements and budgets and balance sheets? Of course you likely CRINGE at the mention of those. We have a solution. The answer of wanting to incre...
I’d like to continue on from my last blog and explain why it’s not crazy that the Billion Dollar Agent profit model is 50% net profit. Let’s analyze an independent brokerage which evolved from a top team to a good brokerage. The brokerage has 50 agents and they did $3,000,000 in GCI. That is $60...
How much do you make in your business? How much should you be making? Do you know how much you are making? For simplicity, we will define your net profit as your salary equivalent. This is the amount of money you earn after expenses and before taxes. It is similar to what you would earn in a job...

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