vero beach: Creative gift bags by Vero Beach decorator/designer - 01/07/12 02:25 AM
             For many years I rely on my own gift wrapping rather than the store bought.I am never without rolls of white and brown papers and good quality gold and red ribbons. It has been my signature.
              This year i started playing with decorating plain paper shopping bag with a very satisfying result.       I found, that it makes the "receivers" feel very special and...I feel good myself.
         Here is one I made for a baby shower with pearls,cristals andshells. I even wrote my wishes on the bag itself. For some reason I do not care … (2 comments)

vero beach: Beautiful Vero Beach property for sale in need of appropriate presentation/staging - 01/04/12 07:51 AM
This picture caught my INTERIOR DECORATOR's eye.
I wander how does one sale beautiful equestrian property which is decorated in "palazzo" style(?) so poorly executed at that.
To me it is a perfect example how wrong decor confuses the buyer and can deter the sale. Pity that the owner does not recognize it. There is much at stake here, worth to make a change.

vero beach: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 4 - 10/01/10 09:37 AM
                        Looking through my "precious" stash of  old files I came across this sentimental picture of  a global style interior dating ...several decades back !
                        Nihil novi sub sole, as ancient Romans would have said. Indeed !
                     Why did i keep this image so many years ?...........
                     It was an inspiration for decorating my own home in Lagos, Nigeria.
Since furniture were not easy to come by, (mostly they were "passed on" among ex patriot community),
I found this idea easy to execute!
Using African textiles and unique tribal artifacts, I was able to create very … (4 comments)

vero beach: Personal expression in interior decorating/design and.... fashion. - 08/21/10 11:34 AM
                Talking about expression of personality in interior decorating/design
               brings me to a comparison with fashion accessories - how we "put them together"  to express our personality or even the mood at the moment !
               The manekin below displays a very good example of my point. 
            One can almost describe a person who would be  wearing this kind of accessories.

vero beach: Abundant local source of carpet and rugs in VERO BEACH,Fl. - 04/27/10 06:31 AM
                       CURREN CARPET AND FLOORING in Vero Beach Florida has never disappointed me yet ! I always find what I need for my decorating projects. I benefit from passionate expertise of its owner and her vast selection of Verieties of floor coverings.
                   This time I found (to my joy !) a hand made rug in 100% LINEN ,that has an effect of silk. Comes in flax color and white.

                   Similar to this look I found hand tufted wool/silk rugs available in multitude of colors. "blanket sample" below is showing several different patterns. Fabulous !

             Deborah also carries … (0 comments)

vero beach: Papyrus plant in Vero Beach, Fl. - 04/17/10 07:02 AM
                   Few days ago I visited ROCK CITY GARDEN in Vero Beach ,Florida.I so love this place that looks nothing like a simple botanical nursery and more like a park in some areas.
 While looking for plants to complete decorating my clients home,I came across PAPYRUS plants growing along the shore of the lovely little lake.
      Iwill never know why PAPYRUS makes such impression on me, partly maybe its"romantic history"(the ancient Egypt...the banks of Nile and source ofthe first"paper"etcetera)

                                But it must be its fragile and delicate grace and  oh....what beauty!

vero beach: WELCOME to VERO BEACH, FLORIDA - 04/06/10 02:22 AM
                                         Welcome to Florida lifestyle in Vero Beach !
                             Does anyone need more convincing ??
                            Yes, spring is here,our frost damaged plants are fast recuperating !
                     ............AND DECORATING IS EASY!
                                                                           .......So join us, move down to VERO BEACH,FLORIDA
                                                    BOGNA  -  Your Vero Beach decorator
           Please, visit my website to view my portfolio ( click below)      

vero beach: PRESENTING HOME FOR SALE, Vero Beach, Florida - 04/06/10 12:32 AM
                                  Watching closely the activities of real estate market in Vero Beach ,Florida makes me realize, that now more than ever the homeowners are facing growing fierce pressure of competition.
This is particularly pronounced in cases of small communities,where houses are very similar and easily comparable.
                                 Who "winns " than ?......... The one with best presented home and price that reflects it .
In those cases consultation with interior decorator can make or break the sale !
There are many buyers who have difficulty visualizing and need help in form of well presented home:appealing to the senses, inviting,convincing, leaving no … (0 comments)

vero beach: Two easy ideas for room dividers-- Bogna interiors, Vero Beach ,Fl. - 03/05/10 10:16 AM
This sheer space divider was created from simple gauze fabric with thin bamboo sticks interlaced for stability and the tropical effect. Originally it was planned to trim the bamboo rods down, but finally decided to leave them at their full lent to achieve that unrestrained look.
 This divider was needed to hide a kitchenette in the workroom. Panel of white sunbrella fabric was  stretched between 1 iron rods (top and bottom) with finials. Simulated "molding" design was painted by the artist friend.

vero beach: FUNCTION OF THE MIRROR IN THE INTERIORS- by Vero Beach Decorator Bogna Interiors - 03/02/10 06:32 AM
                      We use mirrors in the interiors for several different reasons
                     1.      To reflect the light from some other source (natural or artificial)
                     2.       To visualy expend  the space by creating illusion of depth.
                     3.      To accessorize the room with its wall decoration quality, its interesting frame. 
            Lets take a look at the application of this  impressive mirror over the mantel !
                                                                             Brilliant or what ?
                    Because mirror is angled up ,we are looking at the reflection of the stanning artesan carved ceiling. What an effect ! The same mirror installed flat on the wall and especialy … (2 comments)

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