groton ma: "Desire to Own a Home" Top Motivation Factor for Purchasing a Home in 2010 - 01/25/11 09:01 AM
"Desire to Own a Home" Top Motivating Factor for Purchasing a Home in 2010
I recently read a Massachusetts REALTOR® Study Report in which they state that the "desire to own a home" was the top motivating factor cited by home buyers for the purchase of a home in 2010.  Below, is a breakdown of survey responses of first-time and repeat home buyers:

While 55% of all homes sold in Massachusetts were made by first time home buyers, only 7% stated it was because of the home buyer tax credit.
The study also showed that the median age of a first-time … (2 comments)

groton ma: Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You - 12/16/10 12:05 AM
"Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You", Integrity Residential Brokerage, Pepperell, MA
One of my clients, Al,  sent me the following article titled "Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You". There are a lot of helpful suggestions so I thought I'd pass it along to you. 
1. Of course I look familiar.  I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator.
2. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier.
3. Love … (30 comments)

groton ma: Selling Your Home During the Winter Months - 11/01/10 05:16 AM
Selling Your Home During the Winter Months

Here in New England we are blessed with 4 seasons and we're coming up on winter. Whether you're a REALTOR or the average person, I'm sure you've heard this statement "I'm going to take my house off the market because no one is looking to buy during the winter." Or, how about this? "I'm going to wait until spring to put my house on the market when there are more buyers looking and prices are higher."  While on the face of things, these statements may seem logical, let me point out a few reasons why … (23 comments)

groton ma: The Chicken and the Egg of Real Estate - 10/06/10 02:54 AM
Hello Prospective Purchasers! Cynthia Larsen, Broker/Owner of Safe Haven Realty located in Sonoma County, California recently wrote a great blog about the importance of being pre-approved for a loan. 
Very often, home buyers want to start looking at property prior to speaking with a lender.  Read on for reasons why it is so important to speak with a lender before you start looking at homes.

The chicken and the egg. Which comes first? When a potential buyer calls and wants me to show them a home, one of my first questions I ask is are you pre-approved for a … (0 comments)

groton ma: Loan Modification and Short Sale Tips - 07/31/10 03:47 AM
Loan Modification and Short Sale Tips
Are you a homeowner seeking to lower your monthly mortgage payment through a loan modification application? Perhaps you're attempting to process a short sale application.  The application process can be challenging and lengthy.  Oftentimes, paperwork gets lost, your file gets transferred to a new processor, or additional information is needed.  Above all, diligent follow-up and patience is needed.
Below are some tips you might find helpful. 
Contact Your Mortgage Company - Every lender is different so contact them to find out exactly what documentation they require from you. Make sure you send them everything they requested. Typically, … (2 comments)

groton ma: Are You a Home Buyer and Unfamiliar with Septic Systems? - 07/15/10 07:48 AM
Are You a Home Buyer and Unfamiliar with Septic Systems?
Sometimes when I show buyers property serviced by an on-site septic system, they are unfamiliar with what a septic system is and how it works.  So, I thought I'd take a moment to provide a basic explanation of how a septic system functions.
A septic system is designed to condition untreated liquid household waste (sewage) so that it can be dispersed and percolated into the subsoil.
The septic tank is the first step in the process.  Without it, the untreated sewage would … (2 comments)

groton ma: Stage your Home for Sale: Questions to Ask when Hiring a Home Stager - 04/13/10 10:19 AM
Stage your Home for Sale: Questions to Ask when Hiring a Home Stager
In today's market, it's important to find ways to set yourself apart from your competition.  Buyer's frequently tour multiple properties on any given day so staging your home could make the difference between a long marketing period with little buyer interest versus a shorter marketing period with high buyer interest.
If you'd like to consider hiring a home stager, below are some questions to ask when interviewing home stagers.   
Can we meet in person?  - It's important to meet them in person versus talking to them over … (0 comments)

groton ma: Townsend MA Homes and Real Estate - FREE Direct MLS Search - 04/08/10 09:16 AM
Townsend MA Homes and Real Estate - FREE Direct MLS Search

Come check out Townsend MA Homes and Real Estate! Integrity Residential Brokerage located in Pepperell, MA is ready to assist you.  Whether you're a first time buyer or a repeat buyer, the process of purchasing a home is ever-changing.  As such, utilizing the services of a real estate professional to guide you through the process can help you achieve your real estate goals.
We are here ready to answer your questions, give you detailed property information, and offer you guidance every step of the way.
Below, is our quick … (0 comments)

groton ma: Home Staging Tips: Prepare Your Home for Sale - 04/07/10 03:24 AM
Home Staging Tips: Prepare Your Home for Sale
Why bother with home staging? Doing so will help you sell your home faster and for the best possible price!  Strapped for money? The good news is you don't need a big budget to stage your home effectively. Below are inexpensive and no-cost home staging tips to effectively stage your home, which will result in a great first impression and quick sale.  
At Integrity Residential Brokerage located in Pepperell, MA, we are here to assist you with all aspects of marketing and selling your home in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  So, if … (2 comments)

groton ma: Helpful Moving Tips - Part 2 - 01/28/10 12:08 AM
Below is Part 2 of "Helpful Moving Tips".  If you would like to offer a suggestion or addition to the list, I'd love to hear from you!  
Three Weeks Before Moving
• Pets - Gather all pet medical records and keep them in a safe, easily accessible location. Check with the vet to see if your pet might need vaccinations or a health certificate prior to your departure.
• Banking - Arrange to close your existing accounts and open accounts in your new location.
• Vehicles - Will you need to register your vehicle in your new location? If … (0 comments)

groton ma: Are You Going to Miss out on the Expanded Tax Credit? - 01/27/10 12:46 AM
Affordable housing prices, low interest rates and the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit have combined to offer one of the most attractive home buyer markets experienced during my 20 year career as a Realtor®.  What some folks may not realize is that in addition to the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, the program has been expanded to include a buyer tax credit for existing homeowners. 
Current homeowners who have lived in their home for 5 consecutive years out of 8 may be eligible to receive a $6,500 tax credit.  There is no requirement that says the existing homeowner needs to … (2 comments)

groton ma: Helpful Moving Tips - Part 1 of 2 - 01/26/10 05:03 AM
Over the course of my 20 years in real estate, I've had the opportunity to observe people as they prepare to move to a new residence.  Whether it's across town or across the country, the move is essentially the same. I've also moved a few times and have succumbed to pitfalls and the stress of moving as well.  So, below are my "moving tips".  I hope they help you have a more streamlined and successful move day.
Eight Weeks from Moving Day:
Donate, Donate, Donate - If you don't absolutely need it, donate or sell the items you don't intend to bring … (0 comments)

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