buying a home: No New Credit!! We Really Mean It! - 01/25/17 02:23 PM
When you go in and meet with your loan officer, he or she usually tells you not to take on any new credit while you are waiting to buy your new house.  Most people understand that new credit can make you ineligible for your new loan.
So, when your loan officer and your real estate agent say "Don't apply for any new credit, don't use your credit cards anymore & keep everything the same until you close."  We really mean it!!
When that urge is there to get some new furniture or that invitation comes in the mail to open a new credit … (4 comments)

buying a home: Don't Let Knowledge and Fear Stop You from Getting Pre-Approved! - 01/13/16 10:34 PM
It isn't this way for many areas in the nation, but in our area I have noticed a decline in people wanting to be pre-approved.  They really want to go look at houses or property, but when the question is asked, "who is your lender"' or "what type of loan are you getting," etc. the response has been an overwhelming "Oh, I want to find the house (property) first, then I will find a lender."  
So, after several calls with this same answer, I decided to think about why someone wouldn't want to find a lender first.  After all, there are … (2 comments)

buying a home: New Housing Regulations for Mineral Wells, Texas - 02/09/15 04:55 AM
Buyers and sellers in Mineral Wells, Texas that have city water need to be aware of some changes that have taken place in the city.   It is important for sellers to know, but it is imperative for the new buyers because they are the ones that will be affected the most.
When a buyer purchases a home and goes into the water department to have their water turned on, the water department will then have them pay a $25 fee and the city of Mineral Wells Inspection Department will go out to the home and complete a Residential Certificate of Occupancy … (4 comments)

buying a home: Pre-Approved? I'll do That After I Find the House I Want. - 06/09/14 03:52 AM
I had a phone call the other day from a young lady who was interested in looking at a house.  I was happy to make an appointment for her, but wanted to ask a few questions just to get an idea of what her thoughts were on the home buying process.  I asked the basic questions like:  When do you wish to move in?  Do you have to sell the house you are in first? etc.  Then, I asked if she had met with a lender yet to find out how much she could qualify for...she answered:  I'll get pre-approved after … (1 comments)