marketing: Poor writing can kill a good message - 05/20/08 03:22 AM
Most of us rely on written communication to get our message across, at least to some degree. Though we now have the benefits of tools like spell-check, there are plenty of punctuation typos that can slip in under the radar and sabotage our writing.
Avoiding these common punctuation blunders will help your prose become cleaner and more professional, which, in turn, reflects on you and your business:
Misplaced apostrophes – Sometimes we get a little bit “apostrophe happy,” tossing a few in just in case we might need them. However, this little punctuation mark is often abused and misplaced. Keep in … (4 comments)

marketing: How I built a business with no money - Part 2 of 2 - 03/19/08 08:21 AM
How I built a business with no money
Part 2 of 2
***Christian Piatt is an author, columnist and president of, providing writing, editing, marketing and design services for businesses.***
As business began to trickle in, I soon realized that the only way any of us would make enough money in the long run to make all of our work worthwhile was to increase our volume far more than I could do on my own. I needed a sales team, but I had no money to pay them. In order to make it interesting for salespeople, we had to carve out another pretty … (1 comments)

marketing: How I built a business with no money - Part 1 of 2 - 03/18/08 02:52 AM
How I built a business with no money
Part 1 of 2
Back in the summer of 2001, I was in the final stages of loan approval to open a coffee shop just off the campus of a university in Fort Worth. I had the site selected, which was less than a block from the local dorms and major academic buildings, with no competitor within miles. I had a compelling pro forma laid out that seemed like a can’t-miss model. I had met with the Senior VP at my bank that was cheerily on board with my concept, and I had designers … (1 comments)

marketing: Top Five Dumb Marketing Mistakes - 03/06/08 04:14 AM
Top five dumb marketing mistakes
By Christian Piatt
A business is only as good as its marketing plan. However, it’s often this critical part of our overall roadmap to success that gets the least attention and resources. Instead of being an afterthought, our marketing plan should be one of the most important, and regularly revisited, components of our business model.
In a nod to Letterman’s nightly Top Ten, here’s our list of top five dumbest blunders when it comes to marketing your business: 
Mistake #5 – More is always better: There was a time when television, radio and … (1 comments)

marketing: Why traditional marketing doesn't work any more - 02/26/08 03:39 AM
As network television viewership continues to drop and a number of new media compete for our attention and advertising dollars, it can be difficult to know how to best position our businesses in this new marketplace. Fortunately, along with the increase in information outlets come many opportunities to hone our message and target our audience with laser precision.
There was a time when the pervading business mantra was market dominance. With fewer, more homogeneous, groups of consumers available, we could use relatively blunt instruments such as print and televised media to reach a vast population of likely customers. However, the cultural … (1 comments)

marketing: Blogging: What works and what to avoid - 01/15/08 03:25 AM
Christian Piatt is an author, columnist and owner of, a marketing, writing and editing service for small businesses.
Blogging is a big buzzword these days. It seems like everyone's doing it, but why? I get inquiries every day about assistance with blogs as they relate to business, because people recognize it as a powerful tool with great potential, but few know how to put it to best use.
The word "Blog" comes from "Web log," a sort of web-based diary that's available to the world. People can browse your entries, comment on them, and even forward them to others unless you limit … (2 comments)

marketing: Affordable Web marketing that actually works! - 01/10/08 07:51 AM
Christian Piatt is a nationally published author, columnist and owner of
We're all familiar with the challenges of marketing our business. The marketplace is increasingly crowded, dollars are tight, and we hardly have a minute to spare on researching which strategies work and which are a waste of money.
Though the Web can be a confusing place to establish yourself and your business, there are some simple tools at your disposal that cost little or no money to try out. And though print and video media are expensive to produce, internet marketing is faster, less expensive, and if you know who you're … (2 comments)


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