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My advice and opinions on local Chula Vista real estate home sales market. Hope to contribute some positive information that people can actually use in their home search or sale. We focus on Chula Vista area but also conduct business throughout San Diego and Riverside County. We handle both commercial and residential.
Chula Vista Home Sales - End of Year Recap. Home Sales For December 2013 Housing market has made a tremendous recovery in 2013. Interest rates did rise(around +1%) since the beginning of the year, along with home prices. We saw median price increase of about 12% for single family homes and of 17%...
Chula Vista Home Sales - July 2013 By Zip Code Home sales in Chula Vista have continued to be strong throughout the summer! Interest rates did rise significantly (around +1%) since the beginning of the summer, along with home prices. Increased rates did seem to put a damper on how many offers we ...
Chula Vista Home Sales - May 2013 By Zip Code Home sales in Chula Vista have been continuing to surge! Interest rates did rise significantly (around 1%) in the last month. Some speculate that may put brakes on strong price gains we've been seeing over last couple years. We continue to see signifi...
Good post, I must admit. We often like to hear ourselves talk sometimes.. I'm guilty of that sometimes but ultimately people want to be listened to and know you are taking full attention of their wants/concerns. In business it is good to network to learn what future clients are doing in their liv...
Had to do a double take when new median sales prices for Chula Vista, CA. (as of April 2013) came out.  We are always happy to see home gains on the rise.. but we also want the market to move in a stable consistent manner. Nobody likes prices to spike too high or too low quickly because they bri...
I moved to San Diego, CA. area almost 10 years ago and to the city of Chula Vista (located in San Diego County) only a couple years ago. Looking back if I had known what a great place Chula Vista is, this would have been my first choice when I first arrived... Many people that don't live here or...
5 Tips to Sell Your Home 04/29/13 1) Price It Right.  Sounds easy enough. Listen to your local Realtor  - A common issue listing agents run into with our sellers is pricing. Sometimes a seller will believe their home will sell for more  than what it will actually obtain on the open market. It be...
Completely agree. Sounds corny but honesty is always the best policy, even though it may not be what buyer/seller want to hear its better to be honest and save everyone involved time or expense.  Most of us were raised with "honesty is the best policy" drilled into our heads, and there were harsh...
Great article.  Zillow is too often being used by the public as a way of "valuing" their home. Ideally get an appraiser or local Real Estate agent to give you home values, please.  This blog was inspired by a cartoon which shows a couple sitting with a real estate agent. The agent says: “Based on...
Si Esta Considerando Vender Su Casa en Chula Vista, CA. en el 2013 ... Aqui esta un desglose de los precios promedio en el 2012 en comparación con 2013 números. Si usted ha estado pensando en vender su casa en Chula Vista o San Diego, esta información le puede proporcionar una buena información a...

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