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The worst is behind us... winter weather, that is.  It seems as though we have passed through the dark days of winter and are emerging into spring mode.  It's a little early yet t break out the John Deere and although we'll have snow on the ground for a while longer we're earerly looking forward...
First time buyers of Fairbanks, Alaska homes get up to an $8,000 Rebate!The "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" recently signed into law improves the Federal tax credit to first-time Fairbanks homebuyers.  This is a credit back to first time Fairbanks homebuyers or a credit against t...
The news de jour today is that the US Senate is voting on yet another proposed economic stimulus package.  Well, pardon me if I don't break out my pom-pom's and kazoo and shout hallelujah.  I actually feel more like sitting on the curb, putting my head in my hands and saying a prayer the Capitol ...
Fairbanks Alaska Real Estate - December 2008 Market Review Yes, the title says December. It's been a busy month for the Fairbanks estate market... or at least it has for our office. End of month stats will ultimately tell the tale if it's market wide.   We saw some surprising numbers in December....
Together, the Air Force Sergeants Association, the Airmen Memorial Foundation and the Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force Association offer annual scholarships to eligible, dependent children of Air Force Active Duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command enlisted members and Air Forc...
Yesterday while standing in line at the grocery store I overheard two fellows talking about Mt. Redoubt.  I was thumbing through the latest National Enquirer Alaska magazine while waiting on the cashier to figure out what the produce code for a yellow squash was when I overheard... "All we need i...
Fairbanks Alaska Condominiums... All the benefits of home ownership without all the work. Sound good? If so, a Fairbanks condominium might be perfect. Fairbanks has a wide variety of condominium projects to choose from starting with a cozy 1 bedroom 1 bath flat for $88,000 to a stunning new condo...
News from the Alaska Volcano Observatory this morning suggest we're getting closer to a Mt. Redoubt eruption.  Located approximately 95 miles southwest of Anchorage, Mt. Redoubt has been showing increased seismec activity for more than  a week.  While an eruption hasn't ocurred yet, smoke plumes...

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