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Susan Mangigian was right: Play dough and microwave should "never, ever, ever be used in the same sentence" (LOL). I've been joking in Twitter about this and I must say when it comes to ironic humor Ruthmarie Hicks has got me and my little people down pat. She has come up with a brilliant blog po...
Cameron Wilson, Elizabeth Weintraub, Richard Weisser, Lizette Fitzpatrick,  Poppy Dinsey, Melody Botting and Susan Mangigian have a very interesting collective sense of humor. I love reading their blog posts and enjoy bantering with them across the Blogosphere. They are part of the Active Rain gr...
  I think that this is awesome and am very proud that my friend has made it available for a re-blog. Thank you, Missy.   I don’t usually shop at Sears, I admit it. (Although I did walk through the other day and found a really cute, hot, lime green peacoat by Lands End.) But, I am going to shop th...
  When you cross the 59th Street Bridge from Queens County into Manhattan, sometimes you get to see the tram arriving and departing for Roosevelt Island. My kids like to ride it for the view. Spanking-A eye candy, too! :-) We like to park by the hotels and take a buggy ride through Mid-Manhattan....
    In case you haven't done the Wiki, now may be a very good time for me to introduce you to the various levels of Minions. Although there are more, I am going to quote my favorite three British points of order using the Queen's English. Are you ready? I Quote: Minion is a term for favorites or ...
Stephen I. Starr at EIP pre-school Got some very interesting e-mail from my AR and Twitter peeps. Rather than answer you each individually, I've decided to write a blog post to give you all some insight into what my life is like as a Realtor battling with my kids learning disabilities. So go get...
http://www.classymommy.com/wii_giveaway/entry.php @GeekMommy was tweeting about this so of course I had to take a peek. Wow! This looks like it could be fun. Only thing is, the contest is over on 11/30/2008. You AR ladies need to get in on the fun! Check out the link, enter your names and e-mail ...
AKA: Six Useless Facts You Don't Want To Know About Me Fact#1: I am a Donald Trump fan. When it comes to Donald, I am like a Real Estate junkie trying to get her fix on (LOL). When people e-mail and make negative comments about my loving to read DT and other Trump University endorsed works, it fl...
I love jogging under the Triborough Bridge. You get a great water view of the residential cityscape of upper Manhattan and Harlem. They have a very well maintained track, not to mention a spanking set of tennis courts. I am plotting a new project with my girlfriends and the hubby. I decided to gi...
  Criminal Court, Queens County, New York I was leaving Maple Grove Park when I found myself staring at the Criminal Courthouse thinking, "cityscape sunsets can be lovely. " I love the play of colors on a sun kissed building and decided I would go hunt some Briarwood / Forest Hills / Kew Gardens ...

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