the villages fl: Got any Organic Lettuce? - 02/23/24 04:27 AM

Yesterday I was working away and my phone rang, didn’t recognize the name of the caller but of course being a Realtor I answer all calls.  The lady on the other end asks if I had any Organic Lettuce?  I said let me check and went to the refrigerator to check.  Didn’t have any. I thought we do have new neighbors maybe one of them, somebody from my Facebook Page or a friend of a friend, didn’t matter the nice lady asked if I had Organic Lettuce and I was going to check for her.  I checked and we didn’t have … (17 comments)

the villages fl: Genesis Health Clubs in The Villages, Florida - 02/22/24 04:16 AM

The other day Michelle and I took a tour of the Genesis Health Club in Spanish Springs, we want to tour the one in Brownwood sometime soon.  The interest came from a friend who said your health insurance would cover your membership so why not check it out.  The staff that greeted was great, but the big news was they are moving from their current location on the square to the old theatre on the corner of the square.  They showed us the layout of the new gym which is being completely remodeled and plans to open this summer.  From their … (8 comments)

the villages fl: Neighborhood Social Clubs in The Villages, Florida - 02/21/24 04:19 AM

One of the many great things about The Villages is the neighborhood social clubs.  The social clubs are resident lead and have use of one of the local rec centers at no cost.  So many times I hear from past clients who move into one of the 82+ villages in The Villages and get involved with the social club.  Many clubs are active with driveway parties along with scheduled events at the rec centers.  
This week our social club had a Chili Cook Off with 60 neighbors attending and everyone had a great time.  A winner was crowned after the voting … (17 comments)

the villages fl: Flood Zones, Need to Pay Attention - 02/19/24 06:48 AM

The other day one of my team members called me about a home her clients were considering and wanted me to take a look at the property.  Knowing the area, I scanned to the Flood Zone Code and it was AE, alarm bells!  Most of The Villages, Florida is in Flood Zone X which is outside the 100-year and 500-year floodplain, other words safe from floods.  Flood Zone AE is 100-year floodplain, with Base Flood Elevation determined meaning higher insurance rates.   Obviously, the higher the risk, then the higher the flood insurance premium.
I have discussed the great job The Villages does … (16 comments)

the villages fl: Eustis, Florida 122nd Annual Georgefest - 02/18/24 05:18 AM

Happy Birthday George! The City of Eustis celebrates George Washington’s Birthday during a week-long, family-friendly event taking place February 17-24, 2024. Georgefest is the longest running celebration of George Washington’s Birthday in the State of Florida, and is now the longest, continuously running celebration in the entire United States.  Featuring carnival rides and games, a bass tournament, Running of the Georges Race, a dog jog, parade, contests, vendors, and awesome live entertainment!
Just a short drive from The Villages and a chance to get out of the bubble and enjoy what Central Florida has to offer.  You need to go to the … (9 comments)

the villages fl: Something to do on a Rainy Sunday - 02/17/24 05:38 AM

Every once in a while, we have one of those dreary, rainy and yucky days but not to worry in a few days it will be back to our typical Florida weather.  It’s Sunday and they are calling for 97% of rain what can we do?  Sit in the house, nope, watch football, season is over, how about you explore a new place close by?  I got an idea “The Ancient Olive” in Lake Sumter.  From their website:
“Savor the culinary experience at The Ancient Olive Gourmet, where sophistication intertwines with premium extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. Picture a … (11 comments)

the villages fl: Is There Another Community Like The Villages Close By? - 02/17/24 04:57 AM

That was the question I was asked yesterday by a buyer outside the area.  I explained there are other golf cart communities within a few miles of The Villages, they might have a rec center, pool, Pickleball court and a golf course but no there are no other communities like The Villages.  I highlighted Harbor Hills, StoneCrest, Spruce Creek, Del Web and left them know I can sell in those communities but they are not like The Villages.  Take any 55+ golf cart community in the world and compare amenities and the number of choices you have in The Villages and … (12 comments)

the villages fl: It’s Stone Crab Season and Swan Naming! - 02/16/24 04:03 AM

In Florida Stone Crab Season runs for October 15th until May 1st so I picked up a couple pounds the other day.  My go to place is Lighthouse Seafood on CR 466 in The Villages.  Be prepared to pay about $38 a pound for large and $58 a pound for the jumbo claws, but they are so good!  Having a Chesapeake Bay background my go to recipe is steaming which I use beer, vinegar, water and of course plenty of Old Bay seasoning.  Just need a few minutes to warm them up, the intense heat of steaming brings the flavor out!  … (15 comments)

the villages fl: Scam Alert for The Villages, Florida - 02/14/24 03:10 PM

Please feel free to share on your own timeline!  I met with a home inspector Wednesday morning and he shared a story.  Back around 2014 a roofer was going through The Villages replacing roofs, more than likely unlicensed and uninsured.  To cut corners the roofer never applied for a building permit which is required for roof replacements.  The roofer used substandard shingles and did shabby work.  Fast forward to today, when you sell a home hopefully the Realtor pulls building permits to see what work has been done, no permit, even if the Realtor doesn’t pull permits the home inspector does, … (40 comments)

the villages fl: Interesting Day and Wanted to Share - 02/13/24 06:26 PM

Today I worked with two buyers and wanted to share questions and comments that buyers that have limited knowledge of The Villages.  First couple met at 9:00 am to discuss what they were looking for, had 5 homes scheduled to see and canceled all of them.  They needed a 4 bedroom as they are bringing other senior family members, don’t golf, want a pool and questioned the bond and amenities and would they get their money’s worth.  The day before they met with the developer and the home they would need would have a bond of $70,000.  I listened to their … (11 comments)

the villages fl: Results from the Super Bowl Party - 02/13/24 05:23 PM

We set a record with over 120 people attending the Super Bowl Party!  It was so great meeting so many new people including many who read my daily articles on my Facebook Page.  What a game, only second overtime game in Super Bowl history!  Sunday afternoon I got a little nervous about how many people were coming so we set up a 4th viewing area in the driveway and glad we did as about 15 people decided that is where they wanted to be.  Temps were in the low 80’s and high 70’s the entire evening and weather cooperated!
Plenty of food, … (16 comments)

the villages fl: Super Bowl Day! - 02/10/24 08:10 PM

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest eating day, Thanksgiving is number one.  Most popular food for the Super Bowl?  Wings, 1.4 billion of them!  According to DoorDash the top 10 ordered food for the Super Bowl:
Mozzarella Sticks. Boneless Wings. Chips & Salsa. Caesar Salad. Pepperoni Pizza. Fried Pickles. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Philly Cheesesteak.  Where is the best Super Bowl Party in The Villages, Florida?  According to me and close friends, my house!  Speaking of the party here is the latest.  We are all set up, few last-minute things to do Sunday afternoon.  Got a bunch of … (17 comments)

the villages fl: Sorry I Missed Sharing an Article Yesterday - 02/09/24 07:27 PM

I try to share something daily but sometimes life gets in the way.  I decided to share some information on a bunch of different topics.
Don’t forget the Brown & Brown Strawberry Festival which starts this weekend, scroll down my page to January 31st for details.  Never attended you should try!
Working with a client yesterday and we took noticed to a trip hazard.  A step had a crack and was raised up a few inches.  It was painted and didn’t notice it, a broken hip can change your life.  Most times a home inspection will catch it, look around at walks, steps … (14 comments)

the villages fl: Super Bowl Fact - 02/08/24 04:44 AM

Yesterday I stopped by Total Wine and More to stock up for the Super Bowl party, I was concerned about inventory of kegs of beer and maybe they would run out.  I went to the case and keg room with a shopping cart and could barely get in.  Wall to wall kegs plus new selections, I use two 1/6 kegs in my kegerator and like to have two types of beer on hand, choices, choices and more choices.
I got my kegs and came home and decided to Google beer and Super Bowl, 325 Million gallons of beer is consumed during Super … (16 comments)

the villages fl: Second Career or is it Just a Hobby? - 02/07/24 04:04 AM

So many times, I see folks move to The Villages, Florida right after they retire and said finally I can golf, play Pickleball, go the pools, play cards and visit the squares every day and not have to work!  My retirement dream has come true!  After about 6 months they decide they need something more in their life and they decide to find a part time job not for the money rather adding some structure to their life.  Lowe’s, Home Depot, Publix, Guard Shacks, golf pro shops and rec centers are all prime places for those who want a part time … (20 comments)

the villages fl: The Villages, Florida VA Clinic - 02/06/24 04:22 AM

One question I am often asked is there a VA clinic close to The Villages, Florida?  Actually, there is one in The Villages on the north side and the vets who I have spoken with are very happy with the care they receive there.  It stands to reason we have a clinic here, The Villages has the second highest percentage of former members of the armed forces in the nation at 17% of the population.  From The Villages VA Clinic Website:
The Villages Outpatient Clinic provides a broad range of general medical services for the primary care patient, as well as a … (8 comments)

the villages fl: The Art of Virtual Staging - 02/05/24 01:11 AM

If you are considering selling your home and you have the option of removing everything from the home it might be a good idea for you.  This is where virtual staging comes in, it’s all done magically by somebody sitting behind a computer somewhere in the world and the results are fantastic.  I often get homes that are empty due to moving or right after an estate sale.  Rather than just having empty rooms why not furnish them.  Professional staging is expensive and most of the time sparsely furnished and you are paying rent which if the home stays on the … (21 comments)

the villages fl: Vinyl Siding on Homes in The Villages, Florida - 02/01/24 04:55 PM

Today I was asked about painting vinyl siding on a 2 ½ year old home I am preparing to list.  I asked why and it turns out the color so I shared about life expectancy of vinyl siding.  Most vinyl siding will last from 30 to 40 years with proper maintenance and care.  Even here in Florida for the most part it holds the color, don’t believe me ride around north of 466.  Some of these homes with siding were built early in 1990’s and still look good!
Yes, you can paint vinyl siding, I found this on the web:  Be sure … (16 comments)

the villages fl: Declutter, Please Declutter! - 01/31/24 01:46 PM

It seems lately I have been called upon sadly to help out families that their parents living here in The Villages, Florida need to move on to the next chapter.  Some a spouse has passed or for health reasons it is time to return to where home was and be near family.  I can count five in the past few months and I am honored they asked for my help but please declutter while you can.  I work with a local estate sale company and they are my first call, then charitable organizations and finally bulk pickup.
The days before an estate … (11 comments)

the villages fl: Brown & Brown Farms Strawberry Festival - 01/31/24 03:50 AM

Remember me saying we are in festival season?  Here’s one on the west side of The Villages, Florida in Oxford, only a few miles from CR 466 and US 301.  Brown & Brown Farms Strawberry Festival promises to be a great event.  This from their Facebook Page:
Come to Brown & Brown Farm's annual Strawberry Festival for EVERYTHING strawberry and maximum fun for all! 
Winners of Best Of The 352 last year for Annual Event/Festival and Attraction, our Strawberry Festival is taking place on February 10th & 11th, 17th & 18th, 10am - 4pm each day.  Create memories, by bringing friends and family … (18 comments)

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