don rogers realtor: Wentzville MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics for February 2010 vs February 2011 - 03/13/11 05:19 AM
Wentzville MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics for February 2010 vs February 2011

Located in the Heartland of America, near the intersection of Interstates 70 and 64 and less than an hour away from St. Louis and about 3 hours away from Kansas City, Wentzville MO has it all—convenience, beauty, and charm.Growing from a small town of only about 5,000 in 1990 to a dynamic City of nearly 24,000 in 2008, Wentzville MO has become a desired location for both businesses and residents. In fact, in 2008 Wentzville was named Missouri’s Boomtown. Yet, for all its rapid growth, Wentzville … (6 comments)

don rogers realtor: Lake St Louis MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011 - 03/13/11 03:55 AM
Lake St Louis MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011

Lake Saint Louis MO began in 1966 as a private recreational lake community envisioned by developer Mr. R. T. Crow.  In June of 1967, the Lake Saint Louis declaration of covenants and restrictions was signed and recorded.  For the next 12 years, the sole governing entity in the community was the Community Association.  It was not until May of 1975 that the community also became a city under the Revised Statutes of Missouri.Lake Saint Louis MO offers municipal services to the residents, including police, parks, … (2 comments)

don rogers realtor: OFallon MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011 - 03/13/11 01:57 AM
OFallon MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011

In 1956, O’Fallon Missouri’s 100th anniversary, the census showed the population to be 1,327 people, and the town measured about 20 blocks square. By 2000, the U.S. census put O’Fallon Missouri’s population at 46,169 people, and the city had grown to 26 square miles. Today, O’Fallon’s population is over 70,000.In 2006, the City of OFallon MO celebrated two milestones – first, its 150th Sesquicentennial anniversary.  This included many events throughout the year for all to enjoy.  And secondly, a New Year’s Eve party on December 31, which … (4 comments)

don rogers realtor: Saint Peters MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs. February 2011 - 03/12/11 02:14 AM
Saint Peters MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs. February 2011

Saint Peters MO is a nice city to call home.  With its endless supply of shopping, restaurants, health care facilities, parks and recreation facilities, green space, walking paths, bike trails, and so much more. Not to mention that St Peters MO is close to hwy 70, this will give you easy access to the greater St. Louis metro area or to points west like Kansas City MO or the capitol in Jefferson City MO.  You will also have a short trip to Missouri Wine Country where … (8 comments)

don rogers realtor: Saint Charles MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011 - 03/12/11 01:45 AM
Saint Charles MO Real Estate Month over Month Statistics February 2010 vs February 2011

Saint Charles was Missouri’s first state capital from 1821 to 1826 and the home of pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone and his family. It was Boone who created Boon’s Lick Trail through the Saint Charles countryside, out of which grew the Santa Fe Trail and later the Oregon Trail – critical paths for early pioneers seeking a better life in the western United States.Today, over 61,000 people call St. Charles MO their home. The City of St Charles MO is headquarters for Quilogy, Growing Family, RX … (0 comments)

don rogers realtor: Panic Day…… - 03/08/11 09:13 PM
Panic Day……This holiday may always be on March 9th but this year it is also in the middle of the week.  Don't worry. Don't fret, and, above all, don't panic. However, if ever there was a day to panic, today is that day.Try to stay calm.  Take a deep breath. For today is Panic Day. Can you handle today?  Good, I was worried for a moment.  Take another breath.Hopefully, everything is going just swell in your life, and you have no need for this day.  But, if problems and troubles are looming, try to hold off hitting the panic button.As you … (9 comments)

don rogers realtor: International (Working) Women's Day - 03/07/11 10:08 PM
International (Working) Women's DayInternational Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th and sponsored worldwide by the United Nations.  The roots of this celebration go back to the late 1800's to early 1900s.  It grew out of the women's socialist movements and early women's trade union groups.The first International Women's Day was held March 19, 1911.   Women socialists and trade unions held an earlier Women's Day on the last Sunday in February, 1908.  The event grew and has been celebrated annually since that time.  The focus is upon women workers, and advancing women's rights in the workforce, politics and society.As we look … (10 comments)

don rogers realtor: March 7th National Crown Roast of Pork Day…. - 03/07/11 07:05 AM
March 7th National Crown Roast of Pork Day….There must be a Presidential Proclamation or something in the Congressional records somewhere that will verify this day.  Something that could justify congress spending time to make this a national day!  But alas there is no record or proclamation to be found.So someone certainly must be kidding, right!?  National Crown Roast of Pork Day... Why you ask?Well, quite frankly, I do not know.  Do I really, really want to know?  Why not just Roast Pork Day?  Why does it have to be a crown roast of pork?What I do know, is that it is … (10 comments)

don rogers realtor: Monday Motivation…What's a Nickel worth? - 03/06/11 10:47 PM
Monday Motivation…I remember my grandfather always saying that something wasn’t worth a dime.  To a kid back in the day a dime was a really big thing, ‘cause if we got a nickel we were in tall cotton.I soon came to understand that if something wasn’t worth a dime it Wwas considered “Worthless”.  Seeing that my grandfather could have been considered quite opinionated at times there weren’t many things that were worth a dime.  Then I found this quote by Yogi Berra and it so fits today’s economy:
“A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.”
Yogi Berra
I haven’t gone back … (6 comments)

don rogers realtor: A simple survey, iPhone or Blackberry…….. - 03/06/11 01:43 PM
A simple survey, iPhone or Blackberry……..As fast as technology improves who has time to stay on top of all of it?  One thing for sure we need to be able to get the job done while being either in the office or on the road.  If not we will be playing catch up with our clients and customers.Two years ago I went out to the AR community and asked a question very similar to this question.  With over 200,000 members I am sure I can get a load of good information on my next phone.  Or is that smart phone?So my … (11 comments)

don rogers realtor: Sunday March 6th Dentist's Day……. - 03/05/11 11:35 PM
Sunday March 6th Dentist's Day…….Are you ready for this? Dentist's Day is a day to display a big, toothy smile. After all, your Dentist plays a role in that big, bright smile.  He or she is an important person in keeping your smile bright, and your teeth and mouth healthy.  My big toothy smile was lost when my wife introduced me to our cast iron skillet about a week after we were married.If my Dentist is such an important person, then why am I so scared of the next dental visit?  Is it perhaps the fear of discovering a cavity?  Maybe, … (16 comments)

don rogers realtor: What a Week!! - 03/05/11 01:41 PM
What a Week!!The weather has gone from nice to nasty in St Charles County MO.  I guess the old saying that March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.As the Spring flowers start to bud and bloom shortly so will the buyers start to come back into the market.  Or have they already?My week started last Saturday when I wrote 2 buyer contracts. During the week I had two listing appointments, I am sure that I have gotten one of them and the other one I am not sure.  Today I started with showing property to one of … (10 comments)

don rogers realtor: I have read that today is Multiple Personality Day - 03/04/11 11:49 PM
I have read that today is Multiple Personality Day……………And now I am beside myself who is also beside my other self.  
Does this mean that when I talk of myself in the third person that I have this disorder?
Multiple Personality Day is an opportunity to get in touch with all of you.Someone with a split personality has two personalities. Someone with multiple personalities has more than two personalities.  It’s a psychological disorder that I hope none of my readers have.
Don't be surprised to find yourself surrounded by people who are talking to themselves today.  You might find yourself … (17 comments)

don rogers realtor: Today March 4th is “Hug a GI Day”……. - 03/03/11 09:20 PM
Today March 4th is “Hug a GI Day”…….Today, and every March 4th, is a day that we all can get close and hug. It's "Hug a GI Day". Give a great big hug to any and all GIs you see today. The men and women in our armed forces deserve our thanks and appreciation.Our military men and women (GI's) perform an invaluable service to our country. They risk their lives for our freedom, and to keep us safe. A simple hug is a small thank you for this vital service to our country.Have you ever wondered what GI stands for?  The … (11 comments)

don rogers realtor: Today is March 3rd “National Anthem Day”..... - 03/02/11 09:33 PM
Today is March 3rd “National Anthem Day”.....The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States of America. It was written by Francis Scott Key.  National Anthem Day is celebrated every March 3rd and celebrates the song, and the history behind its creation, and the day that congress made the Star-Spangled Banner our national anthem.The song officially became our national anthem on March 3, 1931.Celebrate today by proudly flying the flag. Also listen to and sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

don rogers realtor: St Charles County MO the 2010 Census Numbers are in - 02/28/11 02:19 PM
St Charles County MO the 2010 Census Numbers are in……This is always an interesting time because there is a lot that depends on the census especially when the political scene is so fired up.So what kind of a picture did the 2010 census paint?  The painting of St Charles County MO shows it with a booming residential development that has been a major destination for a continued migration of the region’s population over the last decade.On April 1st St Charles County’s population rose to 360,485 residents a 27% growth over the 2000 census.  This makes the county the fifth fastest growing … (3 comments)

don rogers realtor: Monday Motivation for Feb. 28, 2011, - 02/28/11 06:42 AM
Monday Motivation for Feb. 28, 2011, There are days when you are on top of the world and everything just seems to be going just PEACHY.  It is on those days that folks seem to be paying attention to you and complimenting you all day long.  Or at least it seems as though they are.Then there is the other kind of days when nothing seems to be going right and just because you are down there is the big bully kicking sand in your face.  Why?  ‘Cause he can and will if given the chance.  And of course with those kind … (11 comments)

don rogers realtor: No Brainer Day!! - 02/26/11 11:18 PM
No Brainer Day!!
Another weird/bizarre holiday, “No Brainer Day” will always fall on February 27th
Having the choice of writing about the Polar Bear (yes they have a special day too) or “No Brainer Day” I decided to take the obvious topic.
By definition, a "No brainer" is doing something that is simple, easy, obvious, and/or totally logical. So, today is the day for you to do all those "no brainer" tasks and activities, I just have to be careful though it could become second nature.  Why?  Think about it, if a project requires thinking, study, or analysis of any kind, … (8 comments)

don rogers realtor: Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Another Weird or Bizarre Holiday, - 02/26/11 10:02 AM
Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Another Weird or Bizarre Holiday,So what is “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”?“Tell a Fairy Tale Day” will always be found on February 26th.Today is a great opportunity to read your kids.  That is if the kids are around.  If they aren't around, it’s perfectly okay to read a fair tale alone.  We all know that everybody loves a good fairy tale, including a macho, macho man.To qualify as a fairy tale, a story does not have to begin with "Once upon a time.....".  But, they normally do.  It is a requirement that the story has a … (13 comments)

don rogers realtor: Surviving Your Serengeti………The Metaphor - 02/24/11 05:23 AM
Surviving Your Serengeti………The Metaphor,I have just finished reading the first two chapters of Stefan Swanepoel’s book titled Surviving Your Serengeti.  What an easy and interesting read too.  Have you read it yet?From the very start of his book Stefan sets the stage using the Serengeti and its primary residents, the animals, as a metaphor of our journey through life and how each of the animals handle different situations.  It is easy to see that our journey through this life, no matter where we live, can be compared to the Serengeti and the problems that one can be faced with there.The book … (15 comments)

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