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Lately the news regarding the world of Real Estate has been kind of quiet.  What was once a daily topic has started to slip from the front of the line.  Is this a good thing, or perhaps something more to fear.   If your not concerned about the fact that home sales were up last month, or that lend...
Guess what, as I keep trying to relay to my clients and associates; the Hot Springs and Garland County, Arkansas Real Estate market is not spiraling out of control like Las Vegas or Florida or parts of some 20 metropolitan areas across the country. It has slowed some, but still is doing stronger ...
So if you have the chance you have to check out the Arkansas Twisters Arena Football Team.My wife and I received tickets from her boss, and once again (we went last year too) it was just an absolute blast.  Its fast paced, hard hitting, and fan friendly.  You can touch and interact with the playe...
So on top of all the other news that doesn't necessarily apply here, now they release a 13% decline in home sales prices.   Although this must be true in our nation as a whole, what about the communities and locals that haven't seen this turndown?  Arkansas as a whole has only seen decreases in c...
Yes the weather has had its way with Arkansas as of late.  Tornados leveled several communites, 16'' of snow a week later, then a 75-80 degree week followed by more than a foot of snow, then between that runoff and in some places 14" of RAIN we are still trying to dry out.  Hey they had to close ...
OK, so as far as music goes I have pretty eclectic tastes to begin with, but there are some songs you just don't play with your boys in the car.  Besides the fact I really used to enjoy this music, there is nothing now that embarasses me more than anyone knowing that I just used to love.............
I am.Despite all the negative press, and rumors floating around, this year I have closed more sides, and actually made more money than in the last 3 years.  Why?  Better marketing?  Harder work?  Luck?  I really don't know, and aren't really trying to figure it out.  I just know I am happy with m...
These are the things I learned: Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for...
Thank you!It's a small, incomplete token of what your personal sacrifice truly gives ME.There really isn't any word to describe how great it is that I can sit here today doing whatever it is I'm doing, but I know it is because of you.  For all you do, for all you must endure, Thank you.For having...
If so, then call a REALTOR today.  I would hope you'd be calling Drew Riley with Spa Realty, Inc.  He's the best.  If your not dealing with Drew, then your going to be dealing for a long time, and in todays world...Time is Money!If your not.....you must stop lying....OK, OK maybe it's not you who...

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