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So You Want To Be A Landlord. Part II Story 5 and 6
Part II  Story 4
Story 5
These two stories are being told together for three reasons:
The properties were right next door to each other They both took place around the same time They were similar in nature I had a tenant that ceased making rent payments.  No other problems, just no rent.  I went through eviction and the tenant left prior to the eviction date.  When I went down to check on the house, I opened the door and there was water: EVERYWHERE!
The water was running in the kitchen sink, only the trap underneath the sink had been ripped out.  The shower was on, and the shower head was pointed OUTSIDE the tub.  To make matters worse, this house was built on a wood subfloor. 
I called the police.  They came out and took my report.  I told them the about the former tenants and the eviction, and that I had no doubt that they were the ones who did it.  They asked me if I had proof (as opposed to circumstantial evidence; of course, I didn't.)  Fortunately the incident was covered under vandalism on my homeowner's policy.  Even so, I was stuck with thousands of dollars in damage and ... more

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