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Are Soundproof Windows Worth the Money?
Is outside noise driving you crazy? Soundproof windows could be the solution -- or you might do better with some less-costly alternatives.
Sound pollution has joined light pollution as another irritant that drives us bonkers and kills our love of home. But there's good news: Soundproof windows that'll put a damper on intrusive noise are going mainstream and are available at home improvement centers.
"Things are getting louder, and people are getting more sensitive," says Rich Galietti, sales manager of CitiQuiet, which has been manufacturing soundproofing window inserts for 25 years (Home Depot recently began selling them). 
Galietti says soundproof windows are most popular in urban areas beset by idling buses, highway traffic, and police sirens.  "We hear, 'I love my view, but the highway below is so loud,'" Galietti says. "That's when we're called in."
But do soundproof windows deliver the peace and quiet they promise? Or are they another home improvement fad that sounds good but falls short of claims?
Let's take a look.
What Are Soundproof Windows?
No residential window blocks all sound, all the time. "Soundproof" is shorthand for noise reduction windows that block up to 90% to 95% of noise coming through windows.
Sounds with low frequencies, like garbage trucks grinding trash, are harder ... more

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