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Here's your $4.00 fine. Hand over the cash, Sparky!
The local paper in Winchester does an interesting page every Monday. On Monday they publish articles from 100 years ago, 75 years ago, 50 years ago 
and 25 years ago. I'm always most fascinated with the 100 years ago. Since I wasn't here to remember them they tend to be the most enlightening and entertaining.
On one past Monday the first story was my favorite. It seems that the postmaster had complained to the local city government that too many men were spitting tobacco on the floor. There were spittoons all around, but these uncouth city slickers had taken to spitting wherever and whenever they wanted, and since the postmaster was also the custodian of the post office, this had to stop! Besides, it was a health issue.
Local laws had to be amended to make spitting on the floor of the post office a fine-able offense. It could cost up to $4 if the offense was severe enough, and in 1901 $4 was a lot of money. Well, the story got me thinking. What would I fine people for if I could stick a $4 fine on offenders? Here's a partial list:
Wearing pajamas anywhere but in your home - cha-ching! $4.00 please Non-handicapped parking in ... more

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