fayetteville: $215,900.00 - Exceptional Value in the Kings Grant Subdivision - 01/22/13 12:15 PM

fayetteville: Kappa Alpha Psi 2011 (100 Year Celebration at Huske Hardware) - 01/06/11 02:32 PM
The members of Kappa Alpha Psi, celebrated with over 45 members at Huske Hardware their 100 year celebration on founders Day.  The Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Pope AFB Chapter would like to thank all those who came out to celebrate with us and the many "Congratulations" we received on or website and Facebook page.  Once again, we will be celebrating the entire year.  1911 - 2011...  


fayetteville: A Couple More Reasons to Make North Carolina A Place To Call Home - 08/26/10 07:41 AM

Just as I alluded to in an earlier post this week regarding Panera Bread coming to the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina and the fact that this is good business sense, looks like somebody else agrees with me. Business Facilities Magazine just ranked North Carolina #6 for Best Business Climate. One of the ways this was measured is in examining the state's strategy for not only attracting business but expanding new business. A focus on creating jobs was also crucial in this determination. This couldn't help but also contribute to the reason that North Carolina was also ranked #4 … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Relocating to North Carolina - 06/18/10 04:03 AM
North Carolina: The perfect place for a family

Looking to relocate to the North Carolina? Not quite sold on the state as of yet? Well hopefully this blog will make you love my state as much as I do.

North Carolina is a state that embraces you with gorgeous mountains and hills, hundreds of lakes and rivers, waterfalls, and a very desirable climate. The economy is varied, ranging from an established agricultural sector, to areas of industrial and high technological growth.
North Carolina has so much to offer you, from the magnificence of the Great Smoky Mountains, … (2 comments)

fayetteville: Be Encouraged - 06/18/10 03:38 AM
The secret of many a man's success in the world resides in his insight into the moods of men and his tact in dealing with them. ---J. G. Holland

Be Encouraged
But the fact of the matter is dealing with the many moods we are faced with daily is hard. I’m here to offer an encouraging word to my fellow agents by telling you it’s only a test. But why are you being tested you? To prepare you for the new level you are about to reach. To make sure you can handle it. 
Speaking of encouragement reminds me … (2 comments)

fayetteville: Real Estate Buyers: Words of Encouragement - Fayetteville Area - 06/17/10 06:01 AM
Words of encouragement 

The house of your dreams IS out there, so don’t get discouraged by any means. You know that your perfect home is out there, but how do you find it?  By simply finding the right realtor, the right realtor will represent your interests during the home selection and buying process, and will also work on your behalf when it comes to negotiations. This is why it is so important to take the time to find the right one. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are getting involved with the right person … (1 comments)

fayetteville: Making your new house green - 06/17/10 05:43 AM
Have you found the perfect house but its not “green” enough? Do you feel like when it comes to the environment, being a good global citizen starts at your doorstep?  From recycling to using alternative cleaning materials, minor changes at home can add up to real benefits for the planet, not to mention your own health and happiness. Here are a few easy ways to make your new home a green home:

1. Green up your appliances. Appliance use comprises about 18% of a typical home’s total energy bill, with the fridge being one of the biggest energy hogs. If any of your … (3 comments)

fayetteville: Staying Connected - 06/16/10 10:20 AM
Trouble staying connected?

Do you find yourself struggling to keep in contact with everyone in your network? Here are a few tips that may be of so hep to you.
·  Email three people you haven't spoken with in some time, just to catch up
·  Send one hand-written thank you or congratulations note to past clients
·  Return one phone call or email from a sales rep. Make it short, but return the connection. You'd be surprised how often these turn into something more valuable than the pitch.
·  Invite someone to lunch today. You have to eat anyway. … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Your wasting my time-- or at least I think you are - 06/16/10 10:07 AM
Your wasting my time— are they really?

I’ve come to notice that many agents feel like people who look at homes without intention to buy at that time as being a waste of time. I couldn’t disagree with this statement anymore. I try to look at every situation in the most positive way possible. I personally take these situations as a way to build my network. Just because this particular couple isn’t looking into seriously purchasing doesn’t mean their friends and family aren’t. I want to leave a good taste in people’s mouth. Not even the best actor can hide … (1 comments)

fayetteville: Does the neighborhood you stay in really matter? Dream Neighborhood vs. Dream House - 06/11/10 07:03 AM
Does the neighborhood you stay in really matter? Dream Neighborhood vs. Dream House

I have always wondered if a home buyer had to choose between the two, which would they choose? Would you rather be able to say you stay in a prestigious neighborhood or in your dream house? This brings up a conflict of interest because everyone would love to have the best of both worlds but many people are finding that they may have to choose.
People would choose based on the neighborhood for many different reasons including:
·       Quality of schools
·       property values

fayetteville: Are you buying the right house? - 06/09/10 11:53 AM
Anyone who has ever bought a home can easily remember the wonderful feeling of finding the right house and falling in love with it. It's an indescribable mixture of comfort, fear, excitement for dreams about to come true. Can we afford it? Will the sellers accept our offer? How soon can we pick up the keys? You definitely want to feel positively when deciding to purchase a home. But you shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you. What you really should be asking is whether the particular home really meets your needs. Here are a few of the … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Seller's checklist - 06/08/10 04:28 AM
Seller’s Checklist to a Successful Showing
When trying to sell a house it can be difficult to know what is and what isn’t necessary. So I’ve composed a simple checklist as to what you should do once you begin to show your house. Hope it helps!
·       Turn on all the lights: you want your house to seem as bright and welcoming as possible. Replace light bulbs as needed, go for brighter bulbs.
·       Clean the bathroom mirrors and faucets: make them shine; it’s little things like these that many buyers notice
·       Put FRESH towels in the bathroom: … (4 comments)

fayetteville: Making your home marketable - 06/08/10 04:25 AM
Ways to make your house more marketable

  1.    Curb appeal: Have you ever seen a house that just appeared tacky to you? Don’t let your house be THAT house. Stick to neutral colors as far as paint goes and simple as far as the yard. A poorly kept yard and an overly kept yard ca both have very negative connotations. It’s obvious why a poorly kept yard would be viewed negatively but you may wonder why an overly kept yard? Well it puts and unnecessary burden on the potential buyer, they may not be willing to keep up your … (4 comments)

fayetteville: A weekend in the All-American City: Family Edition - 06/07/10 06:48 AM
A weekend in the All-American City: Family Edition
So one might wonder what is there for families to do together in the All-American city, and I’m here to tell you there is plenty. It’s all about being creative and keeping an open mind. A good source to see different events being held would be your local parks and recreation center. But I’m about to inform you of a few things that one can pretty much do year round.
Botanical Garden: You can take a nice stroll in the garden or even go to celebrate a special occasion. Many use … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Food Heaven - 06/04/10 04:22 AM
I think I’m in Food Heaven!
Fayetteville has so great eating choices that it’s probably rare that anyone has had the time to try them all. Here are a few that are on my to-do list; maybe you could try them too!

·         Mash House Restaurant and Brewery:
4150 Sycamore Dairy Road
·         Pierro’s Italian Bistro
 217 Hay Street
·         Luigi’s
528 N. McPherson Church Road
·         316 Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill
316 Owen Drive
·         Sakura Restaurant
5945 Cliffdale Road
·         Tai Sho Japanese Steak House
4565 Yadkin Road
If anyone has tried these places and … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Weekend in the All-American City: Youth Edition - 06/04/10 04:02 AM

A weekend in the All-American City: Youth Edition
So one might wonder what is there for youth to do in the All-American city, and I’m here to tell you there is plenty. It’s all about being creative and keeping an open mind. A good source to see different events being held would be your local parks and recreation center. But I’m about to inform you of a few things that one can pretty much do year round.
Skating: this is an all time favorite among many of the local youth and it isn’t hard to find the skating … (1 comments)

fayetteville: Westover School District (Fayetteville, NC) - 06/03/10 04:14 AM

Westover High School

Westover High School is located just South of Fort Bragg. One of the programs offered at Westover High school is the Engineering Academy.  While enrolled in this program, students will take courses like these that follow:
Introduction to Engineering Design      
    A course that teaches problem-solving skills using a design development process. Models of product solutions are created, analyzed and communicated using solid modeling computer design software. 
  Digital Electronics        
    A course in applied logic that encompasses the application of electronic circuits … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Gray's Creek School District Profile (Hope Mills, NC) - 06/03/10 03:47 AM
Gray’s Creek High School
            Gray’s Creek High School is located in the southwestern corner of Cumberland County. Many say that it is a true community school serving the students of this growing rural area. The student population is just over 1200 students in grades 9-12, they are large enough to provide a wide range of opportunities for students while also maintaining a smaller, more personal climate where students can be seen as individuals. One of the programs offered at Gray’s Creek is The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT).
The AOIT is a small learning environment that introduces students to … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Cape Fear School District (Fayetteville, NC) - 06/01/10 05:57 AM
Cape Fear High School

            Cape Fear High School is located on the outskirts of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The setting of the school provides an opportunity for students to conduct a variety of ecological studies on campus. The school is adjacent to a Carolina Bay. There is a controversy in the scientific community concerning the formation of Carolina Bays. Through the Summer Science Academy, several partnerships have been established. Students participating in the Natural Science Academy can look forward to working with professionals from: North Carolina Forestry Service, U.S. Soil Conservation Service, Methodist College, Fayetteville Observer, Pope Air Force … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Memorial Day: A Day of Appreciation (Fort Bragg, NC) - 06/01/10 05:35 AM
Memorial Day: A Day of Appreciation
          And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I'll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, 'cuz there ain't no doubt I love this land, god bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood

The Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area seems to really appreciate Memorial Day because all that concerns the military seems to really hit home. Families are constantly separated and reunited but the love they share remains the same. Living in a … (2 comments)