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Cherry Hill Subdivision is located directly across from Orchard Valley on the southwest corner of the intersection of Galena Boulevard and Orchard Road in the western portion of Aurora. The homes of Cherry Hill were built over a long stretch of time - from the 1960s to 1980s. This means that ther...
Orchard Valley Subdivision features large semi-custom homes in a golf course community on the west side of Orchard Road near the intersection of Galena. Although the large community entry sign was largely under construction at the end of 2006, real estate was definately in good working order. Pri...
McCarty's Mill Subdivision is inexorably linked to Arrow Wood Subdivision by both common area (the two are connected on pretty much every street) and style of homes. Built in the late 1990's and early 2000's and somewhat larger than it's sister subdivision - McCarty's Mill features well-built hom...
Kensington Lakes Subdivision features perhaps 125 homes on the west side of Randall Road just south of Indian Trail. In 2006, only 8 homes sold in the subdivision - down from 11 in 2005. Prices were up in 2006, with the lowest sales price realizing $269,900 and the highest $293,000. This is up fr...
I don't think there's an agent out there who hasn't been contacted to "buy a zip code" or "purchase 10 guaranteed leads a month" or all the other programs out there. My question is: how is this being done? Maybe I'm wrong here, but I thought reimbusing a third party outside the principals of a tr...
Arrow Wood Subdivision is another area that I'm particularly interested in tracking market trends. This is a difficult subdivision to track because it's completely blended with the McCarty's Mill subdivision. In 2006, only one home sold in Arrow Wood for $263,000 - the highest value yet realized ...
Golden Oaks Subdivision happens to be one of the communities I actively farm, so the local market trends for the area are particularly important to me. 29 Homes sold in Golden Oaks in 2006 - down from an average of 35. Prices in Golden Oaks continued to go up in 2006, unlike other areas. The min ...
Golden Oaks subdivision is located on the SE corner of Randall Road and Sullivan Road. It's about 400 homes built by Pulte in the early to mid 1990's. Golden Oaks is considered a hot subdivision for first-time buyers because of reasonable home prices and solid construction. Because of this, there...
Yorkville Real Estate Market Trends:January Market ConditionsDetached Style Single-Family Homes The median price of homes on the market in Yorkville jumped sharply in the month of January, going from $339,900 in December to $354,900 in January. At the same time, the average sales price of homes i...
Geneva Real Estate Market TrendsJanuary TrendsDetached Style Single-Family Homes The median price of homes on the market in Geneva rose about .5% in the month of January, from $394,282 in December to $395,950. Conversely, the average price of homes sold during the same period fell significantly -...

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