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What does the term honed marble mean?
Marble has 2 types of finishes. Polished Marble and Honed Marble.  The term "Honed" means the surface of the marble has been ground & sanded to a smooth, flat, consistent surface.  The concept of "Honed" applies to natural stones like limestone, granite or marble, crating an unpolished look. The shine is removed leaving a matte (unpolished) surface with little to no reflection and no bumps or ridges.
Where in the world does white Carrara marble come from?One of the most sought after kitchen countetop or bathroom vanity options is Carrara marble.  However with beauty comes maintenance and carrara marble … (0 comments)

clean: What is the best way to clean Terrazzo flooring? - 04/20/18 12:10 PM
What is the best way to clean Terrazzo flooring?Granite Hero Hints: Terrazzo Barrington Cleaning & Maintenance TipsTerrazzo Tile Floor Cleaning Basics. Sweep or vacuum your polished Terrazzo tile floors regularly to keep them from getting dull. Terrazzo Tiles may be resistant to dirt, but sand and grit can dull glazed surfaces. Clean Terrazzo tile with mild detergent and clean water, using a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a sponge mop.
Granite Heroes, Barrington, IL stone restoration archive, documents a day in the life of Granite Heroes. FREE ESTIMATES for all clients in Barrington, Illinois. Step into our shoes as we clean, … (0 comments)

clean: How do you clean grout? - 03/27/18 11:11 AM
How do you clean grout? 

GRANITE HERO HINT: For grout joints complimenting porcelain or ceramic tile, fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and hot water.  DO NOT USE VINEGAR ON NATURAL STONE TILES. Spray the grout joints with the homemade solution. Allow five -10 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush.  For badly discolored grout joints cover the grout lines with a paste of baking soda and water. Then spray the solution listed above on to the grout joints.  Scrub with brush.  If the grout is still stained after this process, then you need to hire a … (0 comments)

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