mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, Arizona's Birthday and How to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/14/19 09:04 PM
On this day, February 14th in 1912, Arizona became the 48th state admitted to the U.S. and last of the contiguous states to be admitted.  On the same day, George W. P. Hunt (pictured above) was sworn in as the first governor of Arizona, serving a total of seven terms and was also President of the convention that wrote Arizona’s constitution.  Hunt supported movements for reform such as women’s suffrage, secret ballots, income tax, and compulsory education and lobbied for passage of legislation restricting child labor, creation of worker’s compensation, and creating old age pensions.  A person from Flagstaff once challenged his loyalties, Hunt filed … (2 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the National Negro League and how to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/13/19 12:48 PM
  On this day, February 13th in 1920, Andrew “Rube” Foster (pictured below), owner and manager of the Chicago American Giants, led the establishment of the National Negro League, the first long-lasting African-American professional baseball league.  Foster was also generally considered to be one of the greatest pitchers and managers of the first decade of the 1900’s.  He was widely known to help opposing clubs who were losing money, meet payroll, sometimes out of his own pocket.  
  Known as the “Father of Black Baseball”, Foster was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981.
  Now, let me pitch this … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, 1st Catcher's Mask and How to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/12/19 02:49 PM
On this day, February 12th in 1878, Frederick W. Thayer, captain of the Harvard Baseball team patented his “catcher’s mask”. Before then, catchers didn’t wear any equipment and Thayer needed to find a way to protect their catcher, James Tyng’s face and head from life-long injuries from foul tips. Based on a fencing mask, Thayer had a tinsmith in Cambridge create the first mask for Tyng. Years later, all three thought they should receive credit for the invention, but just as the mask became popular only Thayer filed the patent. After attending Harvard, Thayer later became an attorney and successfully sued … (2 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the Gerry in gerrymander and how to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/11/19 08:26 PM
On this day, February 11th in 1812, Eldridge Gerry, then governor of Massachussetts, signed into law a redistricting plan designed to keep his political party in power for the upcoming election. When the law passed, reportedly the editor of the Boston Gazette, compared the shape of Gerry’s district to a salamander. The editor said, “Salamander! Call it a Gerrymander” Gerry went on to become James Madison’s second vice president. He was also a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a member of the House of Representatives, twice governor of Massachusetts, and had proposed the founding of the Library of Congress. And here’s … (3 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, Col. Tom Thumb's Marriage and how to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/10/19 07:56 PM
On this day, February 10th in 1863, Charles Sherwood Stratton, better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb" (height 2 ft. 11 in.), married Lavinia Warren (height 2 ft. 8 in.) in New York City (pictured above). The couple met and gained great fame while employed as performers under circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. Their wedding was one of the biggest events in nineteenth century New York, greeting some 10,000 guests while standing atop a grand piano. Following the wedding, the couple was received by President Lincoln at the White House. Stratton became a wealthy man, even bailing out Barnum at … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the 1st Volleyball Game and how to Lend NATIONWIDE! - 02/09/19 09:37 PM
On this day, February 9th in 1895, the first volleyball game was played at a YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  The inventor of the game was the YMCA athletic director, William G. Morgan (pictured above) who originally called the game “Mintonette” due to its similarity to badminton.  Many of the men who came to the Y were excited about another new game, basketball, which had been invented just four years before, and about nine miles from Holyoke in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Morgan was looking for a less strenuous indoor sport for people who weren’t in as good of shape, such as a group of … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the Boy Scouts legend and how to Lend NATIONWIDE - 02/08/19 08:53 PM
On this day, February 8th in 1910, William D. Boyce (pictured above) a wealthy Chicago publisher incorporated the Boy Scouts of America.  Boyce was a multi-millionaire by the early 1900s and he insisted on looking after the welfare of about 30,000 newspaper delivery boys who were key to his success and advised them on being polite, reading human nature, and handling money.  By 1909 he became more interested in civic affairs and less in finance and began to travel.  According to legend, while in London, Boyce became lost on a foggy street and was assisted by an unknown Scout.  This inspired … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the Early Fax Machine and how to Lend NATIONWIDE! - 02/07/19 09:05 PM
On this day, February 7th in 1893, Elisha Gray (pictured above) patented the telautograph, a machine that could remotely transmit handwriting through a telegraph system.  This device was a precursor to the modern fax machine. Gray was awarded over 70 patents for his inventions, including one for transmitting musical tones through telegraph wire, considered the first electric music synthesizer.  In one of the most famous patent cases in American litigation, Elisha Gray had claimed to invent the telephone but lost the patent rights to Alexander Graham Bell.
Luckily that’s all behind us and you can use your telephone to give me a call … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the 1st railroad charter and how to Lend Nationwide! - 02/06/19 09:23 PM
On this day, Feb. 6th in 1815, the state of New Jersey issued the first American railroad charter to John Stevens.  At the age of 27 he was appointed the rank of Captain in Washington’s army during the War of Independence and then became Treasurer of New Jersey.  Stevens turned from law and politics to the study of steam navigation, then in an experimental stage. A man of some wealth, Stevens built the first steamboat to make a successful seagoing trip, from Hoboken to Philadelphia.  After 1810, he turned his attention to the use of steam locomotion for land transportation and … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, 1st Woman Glider Pilot and how to Lend NATIONWIDE! - 02/05/19 06:34 PM
On this day, Feb. 5th in 1931, Maxine Dunlap (pictured above) became the first woman to receive a glider pilot’s license of any kind and she was only 18 years old.  Even though Dunlap was only airborne for one minute, she successfully executed two ‘S’ curves and a most important, a landing.  Maxine Dunlap, along with Peaches Wallace, Guinevere Kotter and Ruth Alexander created so much enthusiasm that an all women glider club was formed in 1929 in San Diego, the Anne Lindbergh Women Glider Club. 
And Texana Bank is creating enthusiasm in NATIONWIDE lending with exciting opportunities available for Mortgage Loan Originators.  We operate much like a broker's … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the 1st paper money and how to Lend NATIONWIDE! - 02/03/19 08:33 PM
On this day, Feb. 3rd, back in 1690, the first paper money (pictured below) was issued in America by the Massachusetts Bay Colony as "bills of credit" to pay for their military expedition, making it the first in the Western world. You'll notice the top wavy edge of the bill. This was hand cut with the remaining stub held by the Treasury to prevent forgery. Eventually each of the original thirteen colonies issued their own paper money which the British opposed and tried to oppress, contributing to the coming of the Revolutionary War in 1775. Today's "Revolutionary Idea" is, how to lend … (2 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in History, the bottle cap and how to LEND NATIONWIDE! - 02/02/19 08:14 PM
On this day, Feb. 2nd, in 1892, William Painter, (pictured above) inspired by the increase in carbonated drinks, patented the bottle cap, then known as the "Crown cork" bottle cap in Baltimore, Maryland. And to remove his caps, he invented the bottle opener along with a machine for crowning bottles, a paper folding machine and a machine for detecting counterfeit currency.  In all, Painter patented a total of 85 inventions and later in 1892 founded Crown Cork & Seal Company which became Crown Holdings, Inc. and today is a Fortune 500 company.
Texana Bank has been around for a long time too, … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Today in history, the $1 camera, and How To Lend Nationwide! - 02/01/19 09:24 PM
On this day, February 1st in 1900, the Eastman Kodak Co. introduced the $1 Brownie box camera for children.
George Eastman (pictured above) dropped out of school at 14 years old to work as an office boy at an insurance company. After studying accounting in the evenings at home he landed a job as a bookkeeper at a bank, but his real interest was photography and how to make cameras smaller and cheaper. Eastman's innovations started the amateur photography craze and became the largest U.S. company in the industry by 1927. He was one of the first American industrialists to offer … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Change your recipe with Texana Bank Mortgage and go NATIONWIDE! - 01/31/19 05:40 PM
On this day in 1893, the trademark "Coca-Cola" was registered in the United States Patent Office.   John Stith Pemberton (pictured above) originally developed “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca” in 1866 as a painkiller made from coca wines and extracts of kola nuts. After changing the recipe and accidentally adding carbonated water, he sold this as a fountain drink rather than a medicine and renamed it Coca-Cola.
In 1891, Atlanta pharmacist, Asa Griggs Candler purchased (for $2,300) and incorporated the Coca-Cola Company and registered the Coca-Cola trademark 2 years later, taking the product nationwide.
Mortgage Loan Originators, Mortgage Brokers and Branch Managers, take your business … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Hi Yo Silver! My Lone Ranger Story and Nationwide Lending - 01/30/19 04:13 PM
On today's date, back in 1933, the Lone Ranger radio series made it's debut on Detroit's radio station WXYZ.
There would be 3 actors who played the title role on radio, but most well known was Brace Beemer (pictured above) from April of 1941 until the final live broadcast on Sept. 3, 1954. Tonto, the Lone Ranger's companion was played by Shakespearian actor John Todd (also pictured above) for the radio show's entire 21 years.
And now my personal story.
When my mother was a young girl, her father asked if she would like to meet Tonto? It just so happened … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Happy Birthday Kansas! Texana Bank Mortgage needs a 1st in Kansas! - 01/29/19 03:00 PM
Happy Birthday Kansas!
On January 29, 1861, Kansas was admitted as the 34th U.S. state. Pictured above is Charles L. Robinson, the first Governor of Kansas from 1861 to 1863.
At the time, the term for Governor in Kansas was limited to only 2 years. He was also the first governor of a U.S. state to be impeached and the only governor in the history of Kansas to be impeached. (The impeachment was started by a political rival. Governor Robinson was found not guilty and was not removed from office but it hurt his political career.)
Speaking of Kansas and careers... … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Texana Bank started (and we're still) hiring in 1914, 12 years after.. - 01/28/19 05:34 PM
On this date, January 28, 1902, Andrew Carnegie communicated with President Theodore Roosevelt, declaring he had endowed $10 Million (in today's dollars that would be almost $300 Million) "to found... an institution which...shall in the broadest and most liberal manner encourage investigation, research, and discovery [and] show the application of knowledge to the improvement of mankind..." creating The Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Twelve years later in 1914, Texana Bank was founded in Linden, Texas and STILL growing! We're hiring and I want to talk with Mortgage Loan Originators, Mortgage Brokers and Branch Managers. Please share!
We have extremely competitive rates, comp … (0 comments)

mortgage branch manager job: Improve your business like Edison improved the light bulb! - 01/27/19 08:15 PM
On today's date, January 27th, 1880, Thomas Alva Edison received a patent for his incandescent electric lamp (pictured above), but he did not invent the light bulb. After many experiments, Edison improved previous inventors lamps and created "the first commercially practical incandescent light". He famously summarized his quest with, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.
Since 1914, Texana Bank has been developing a more practical and efficient way for Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers to originate in ALL 50 states with all of the available loan programs. We're expanding all across the country and … (0 comments)

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