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Barbados real estate tends to be at high end of the scale when searching for property to buy in the Caribbean. Barbados is home to celebrities and the rich who are attracted to the friendly nature of the people and unspoilt beaches not too mention the superb climate. The small island that has att...
   British Musician, and TV presenter,Mylene Klass has caused a huge debate in the UK about a home owners right to self defence when an intruder breaks into their home. Unlike in the US where burglars are fair game upon trespass the British law is a lot more complicated. Myleene Klass was warned ...
UK overseas buyers seeking retirement or investment made Spain the No.1 place for them to buy real estate abroad. It offered easy access by low cost airlines and affordable property as well as lower costs of living. 2009 saw a change in Spanish real estate fortunes and the withdrawal of the UK b...
  Portico Barbados luxury real estate like no other Portico Barbados has been awarded the prestigious 2009 Best International Apartment by International Property Awards in association with CNBC Arabia, as well as two five star awards for Best Apartment in the Caribbean and Best Development on the...
  A new way to buy property is in its infancy in the UK, buyers and the general public are not fully aware of this brand new option called Rent To Buy. It's an exciting concept and I am not sure where else in the world people Rent To Buy  and the experiences that they have had. For me as an obse...
Great news from Florida for international real estate buyers and those seeking a lifestyle buy in the sunshine state. According to the Florida Realtors sales are on the up! A total of 14,026 homes were sold in Florida during the month of November, compared to 8,694 a year earlier. There were a t...
The UK and Canadian housing market is sending out some confusing messages and I am trying to get to the truth from Canadian Realtors on the ground. The UK property market sent home owners confusing messages all through 2009 with steady house prices increases being announced nearly every month. F...
The British love affair with French property is set to continue into 2010 but why do the Brits love France so much and can other regions pick up some tips?  The number one reason is France is very easy to get to with an abundance of low cost flights to France. For those who prefer not too fly Br...
Caribbean real estate is all about how you feel!   I know many Europeans reconsidering their investment plans for holiday homes and vacations are now looking at the Caribbean. With Arctic like conditions here in the UK it seems winter sun is what its all about. I was asked where in the Caribbean...
Brazilian property is all the talk for international investors but like many countries not all regions are equal and you need to tread carefully when considering a location. I am going to make your investment destination in Brazil easy by suggesting its best to invest in the North East Region of ...

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