technology: Rain Camp San Diego – Ah Hahs, Lessons, and Strategies Galore But 1 Big Take-a-Way - 08/06/10 03:09 AM
ActiveRain Rain Camp is an enlightening, stimulating and inspiring experience. That's preaching to the choir, I realize. But it's true, and although I attended one in LA just a few months ago, I came away from today's San Diego Rain Camp with some ah hahs, lessons, and strategies. 
For me, that's the mark of a worthwhile class, webinar, or workshop - deriving a few pearls of wisdom to put in place, or ways to alter current strategies that are not working well. Sometimes it takes hearing something a second time, or phrased a bit differently, in order for relevance to sink … (19 comments)

technology: Love the iPhone? Love Wine? Have I Got an App for You! - 08/04/10 07:29 PM
Love the iPhone? Love Wine? Have I Got an App for You!  
I'm not an iPhone user (yet) but I am a big wine lover. And having returned recently from a trip to Napa and Sonoma, I wanted to pass along this new iPhone app I learned about. 
Mr. Picky will help you find wine in the Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and Temecula wine regions. It's part opinion and part informational, started by My. Picky himself, David Mallen, and his wife Patti. 
There are plans to expand to Oregon and Texas. And of course the famed Napa and Sonoma regions. All … (8 comments)

technology: Are YOU Part of the "In" Crowd? - 07/27/10 03:44 AM
We all remember high school - a time marked, in part at least, by being part of the "in" group...or not. It was a big deal. For many, perhaps traumatic, depending on whether you were in or out.
Folks generally knew which group you were part of. And we were painfully aware as well. Some groups also arose out of how much money your family had...or not. Or where you lived. And other characteristics. It was often not nice to not be part of the "in" crowd but sometimes you had no choice. Someone ELSE made that decision.
Cliques continued in college, depending … (18 comments)

technology: Who Ya Gonna Call? A Look at Making a Referral - 07/25/10 06:05 AM
One of the wonderful things about the ActiveRain network is making friends around the country which becomes an amazing referral network, if you choose to take advantage of it.
I personally have two major referral networks which crossover - fellow CRS members (Certified Residential Specialists) I have gotten to know or seek out, and AR folks. Between the two I have great connections around the country in all the major cities and regions, and many smaller ones. My ideal? A CRS who is on ActiveRain too.
When you have an outbound referral, how do you decide who to call?

technology: How DID They Find You? - 07/09/10 04:33 AM
Knowing how your prospects find you is important. Whether it's from print, on-line activity, or other means there is tremendous value in understanding how your marketing and visibility, or lack of, are working.
Do YOU know how they found you?
It's not always easy to determine, and I am willing to bet many folks don't bother to ask. There are times when I don't, or I don't query enough to really understand if what I am doing to generate business is, in fact, working. That's not smart. My bad. 
There are lots of ways for buyer and seller prospects … (90 comments)

technology: Let’s Get Soci@l and Grow Your On-line Audience | Do You Know How and Why You Should? - 07/04/10 01:29 PM
Let's Get Soci@l and Grow Your On-line Audience: Friends, Followers, and Connections  
I haven't completely finished reading "Let's Get Soci@l", and I know I will read it again and again, as I have other ebooks residing on my computer (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).
It was hard to decide WHICH chapter to write about, since the information is so good, but... 
"Growing Your On-line Audience: Friends, Followers and Connections" really struck a chord with me. It should with you as well. I'm happy to tell you why... I hope you listen. 
Social media, in my not-so-humble opinion, is NOT a fad, … (12 comments)

technology: REBarCamp Orange County is Coming to Town | Irvine, Orange County, California | August 19, 2010 - 07/02/10 05:58 AM
REBarCamp Orange County - Irvine  
Yep, that's right! Another Real Estate Bar Camp is heading to Southern California later this summer. 
It's been a while since we last had one (REBarCamp San Diego was in November 2009 when the N.A.R. Convention was getting started) so I was thrilled to hear another one was on the way. 
I've been to 3 now - REBarCamp Los Angeles, REBarCamp Orange County in Newport Beach, and REBarCamp San Diego) - and look forward to the next one.
Learn more about what RE Bar camp is all about in this video. 
Here's the scoop:
REBarCamp … (7 comments)

technology: A Chicken or Egg Question?? - 06/20/10 12:51 PM
I have a chicken or egg question for you.
Which comes first, your post or the title? 
Do you tend to write posts and then try to come up with a catchy title that will attract readers?   
Or do you develop a title, or perhaps just have one pop into your head, and then develop a post around the title? 
We all know a title is important - for SEO purposes, and for grabbing readers' attention - and sometimes it's easy to create one that works well. Other times, it may not be so simple, perhaps because of … (25 comments)

technology: Why I Hate Social Media! And You Probably Do Too But Won't Admit it! (A REVISIT) - 05/25/10 11:38 AM
I wrote this about 9 months ago, and Bob Stewart thought it deserved another visit. I like sharing my opinions so I can't say I disagree.
I reread it, and I don't see that my thinking has changed.
I enjoyed writing this - the reality as well as the sarcasm - and hope you find it worthy of a read, whether you agree or not. After all, we're both entitled to our opinions. I would be curious about what YOU think.
I really do see the value of social media, otherwise I wouldn't be there in spades. But there is some stuff … (188 comments)

technology: CRS 206 Technology Class | San Diego CA | May 27 and 28, 2010 - 05/22/10 08:01 AM
CRS 206 Technology Class in San Diego CA May 27 and 28, 2010  
The Southern California Chapter of CRS (Certified Residential Specialists) is pleased to co-sponsor the CRS 206 Technology class with the San Diego Association of REALTORS (SDAR). 
The class will be held next Thursday and Friday, May 27 and 28 at SDAR Offices at 4845 Ronson Court in San Diego (858) 715-8000. 
Mark Porter will be the instructor. 
Don't miss your chance to get the lowdown on the latest in technology and how you can and should use it in your business. Plus get 1 step closer to … (3 comments)

technology: Google and My Life: Or is it "Google IS My Life?" Is it Yours? - 05/05/10 02:34 PM
GOOGLE is an amazing company   
Few would dispute that GOOGLE has taken over the Internet (the world?) with a host of applications for personal and business use (about 2 dozen I believe), plus being the biggest search engine around. Last data I saw we are talking almost 300,000,000 searches per day.
GOOGLE IS my life it seems these days. 
OK, I don't depend on it, per se. But there isn't much in my life that I can't learn about, check on, verify, look up, or learn from GOOGLE. At least if I choose to do so.  GOOGLE GETS me to … (9 comments)

technology: Getting Her Fix - 04/25/10 04:46 AM
This is Lily - Getting her Fix I can't claim credit for this funny photo - my daughter snapped it yesterday but I had to share it.



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technology: Do You Help Other Bloggers? Shouldn't You? - 04/13/10 02:22 AM
ActiveRain is a fabulous community of folks, ‘bout 180,000 of them.
Anyone who has spent any time here beyond just creating a profile would likely agree.
Despite nastiness, griping, flaming, and plagiarism from time to time, the AR community gets along pretty darn well. Friendships are forged, referrals are made, and gatherings take place (here's a step back in time with some SoCal Rainers from 2007 at Crystal Cove in Orange County CA; and a larger event in Long Beach CA to celebrate the 1-year anniversary). 
Most of us started out knowing little to nothing about blogging- what works, what doesn't, … (103 comments)

technology: Recognize This Number? Hope Not, But I bet Some of You Do! - 04/08/10 01:07 PM
Do you recognize this number? 1-206-666-3214  How about this one? 1-206-339-8475  
Or this? 1-206-202-4842  
Or this? 1-206-596-5984 
And there was another from 1-813-418-6141 yesterday, too. 
Here's a sampling of their annoying voice mails: 
...Buy another lead. For more information press 1 now...
...So you know that already. We want to teach you how to...
...1 now for more information or leave me a message...

Recognize these numbers? I hope you don't but you may. You may also have heard of, which is connected with at least one of these numbers. Their site is as annoying as the voice … (11 comments)

technology: Compliments? Critiques? Criticism? Copying? - 04/02/10 09:36 AM
Such is the nature of commenting on AR, or anywhere on-line where comments are allowed.
What comments do YOU put out there?
Do you put thought into your comments? Or just respond impulsively?

Commenting affords you, the reader, the opportunity to share your thoughts on what you have read, provide feedback to the writer, and enhance the conversation. Assuming you have read it. 
Some folks clearly don't, but simply jump in...perhaps because of time constraints, laziness, a desire to just put their thoughts out there, or maybe to be nice to someone they know or … (30 comments)

technology: Molly the Barn Owl - Live Stream with Babies in San Marcos California 92078 - 04/01/10 06:44 PM
This live stream of Molly the Owl (in San Marcos, CA) hatching her babies has been great fun to watch. There are a ton of followers and quite a social stream too.
Keep it open so you can watch when you have time off and on when working at your computer. You can also watch it on your iPhone.
Here's the link to the full show
Free TV : Ustream ********************************

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If I can provide more information about San Marcos real estate and surrounding areas, or the housing market in general, or otherwise … (3 comments)

technology: California Home Buyers – More Tax Credits Coming Your Way - 03/26/10 01:44 AM
California Home Buyers - More Tax Credits Coming Your Way
The California Association of REALTORS announced yesterday that a new tax credit bill, AB183, was signed yesterday by Governor Schwarzenegger. As a result, homebuyers in California may receive up to $10,000, or 5% of the purchase price of a new home in state tax credits. $200 million has been allocated. 
This bill is different than the last California tax credit bill which afforded buyers of new homes (never unoccupied) up to $10,000 in tax credit and which was wildly successful - the state used up the $100 million allocated for that … (8 comments)

technology: Need to Get in Touch with Me? Here's How! - 03/18/10 06:20 PM
While this may seem rather obvious, in this day and age of technology, and busy lives, it seemed appropriate to share how you can get in touch with me. 
Communication with prospective, current and past clients is key to being successful, and I know that being able to get in touch with me, for whatever reason, is a priority for you. 
Different forms of communication suit differing purposes and individual styles. So while I use all of them, it's important I communicate with you in a manner that works best and suits … (58 comments)

technology: What Would Life be Like Without a Cell Phone? - 02/02/10 02:57 PM
Can you imagine life without a cell phone?

For some, this might be your worst nightmare. Your personal hell.   
For others, life without a cell phone would be paradise.  I had another one of many conversations with an out of state client whose REO purchase closes in a couple of days. She does not have a cell phone, and after our talk I found myself pondering... 
So what WOULD life look like without a cell phone?? No entertaining, and not so entertaining, ring tones to listen to
No text messages
No telemarketing calls (well at least not to your … (24 comments)

technology: I Love Sticky Notes Off-Line and On-Line - 01/27/10 03:02 AM
I have been a big fan of sticky notes, a.k.a. Post-It Notes (Post-Its), for years. A great invention. In the corporate world they were indispensable. Still are, no doubt. 
Their use carried over into my real estate business and became a staple when I started blogging. Post-Its were everywhere, with all my ideas for blog articles.
I got more organized and started keeping a file filled with clippings, notes, etc. to keep track of all my ideas. Post-It Notes are still a big part of that organization. And I continue to use them in a variety of ways as I suspect … (53 comments)

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