palm beach county: IRS Liens and Real Estate - 03/06/11 02:29 AM
The IRS is doing their part to help the real estate market.  They now will not file a lien on a property unless its for $10,000 or above. This limit used to be set at $5,000. This will help many property owners get their homes sold.
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Luxury Waterfront Expert!

palm beach county: Boca Raton, Florida Luxury Property Market Report for February 2011 - 03/02/11 02:00 AM
The high season is moving along and the activity is decent especially on the luxury condominiums which is a great sign and barometer for the market.  Below are the numbers for February 2011 for properties priced at 1 million dollars and above.
Luxury Condominiums
Total Properties Available     76
Price Range      $1,000,000  -  $9,999,999
Total Properties Pending      5
Total Properties Sold       2
Price Range        $2,000,000  -  $2,037,500
Average Sold Price Per Square Ft.      $479
Average Days On Market        62

Luxury Single Family Homes
Total Properties Available       461
Price Range      $1,000,000  -  $22,000,000
Total Properties Pending      21
Total Properties Sold       12
Price … (0 comments)

palm beach county: Don't Overpay for Your Property - 02/28/11 02:33 AM
Its amazing to me how many people actually overpay for a property, especially in this market because they are not informed or they are not working with a Realtor who can provide them with the correct information about the property. 
Most of the time the buyers that overpay are the ones that are trying to get a great deal!  Whether its a foreclosure property, a short sale or a regular sale you have to be informed and be working with a Realtor who knows the market and can give you the correct information.
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Luxury Waterfront Expert!

palm beach county: Sales Are Way Up in Palm Beach County, Florida! - 02/25/11 03:16 AM
Sales are up 36% in Palm Beach County when you compare January 2010 to January 2011!  That's great news as smart buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates, great home prices and a large selection to choose from.  Buyers are really feeling good about real estate again and the incredible investment that it is.  Now is the time to get a great deal on the water.
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Waterfront Expert!

palm beach county: Pay Your Rent on Time - 02/23/11 01:19 AM
Many people are currently renting with the hopes of building credit and buying a home sometime in the near future.  Its important to make your rental payments on time especially if you live in a large rental community that is managed by a management company. 
These types of communities are expected to start reporting to the credit agencies in the near future and late payments will show up on your credit report.
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Waterfront Expert!

palm beach county: Mortgage Rates on the Rise - 02/17/11 05:29 AM
Mortgage rates are ticking up slightly and this trend is expected to continue throughout the year.  This is important if you are a borderline buyer as just a little increase will really effect your payment.  Keep an eye on this and if you are a serious buyer its time to wrap it up and take advantage of some of the best buyer conditions of all time.
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Waterfront Expert

palm beach county: Coldwell Banker -- Your Professional Full Service Real Estate Brokerage in Boca Raton, Florida - 02/14/11 05:21 AM
            When it comes to one of the most important transactions in your life wouldn't it make sense to hire the largest and one of the best brokerages in the business to help you achieve your real estate goals? 
             In this market if your trying to sell your home or looking for the home of your dreams you need a company with the resources to help you get the job done.  With everything from high visibility websites to mortgage and title services, Coldwell Banker has everything you need to get the most you can out of the current real estate market.

palm beach county: Great Time to Buy on the Water in Boca Raton, Florida - 02/11/11 07:17 AM
Ever dreamed of looking out at the water every morning when you wake up?  Now is the time to make your dream a reality.  Take advantage of the market and secure your dream home now while you can in one of the most beautiful places to live in the world.  There are fantastic properties available in all price ranges!  How about living on the sand in Boca priced in the 200's!  Now is the time!
Joseph Santini  --  Your Boca Raton, Florida Waterfront Expert!

palm beach county: Six Reasons to Buy Now - 02/08/11 03:11 AM
This type of market offers a great opportunity for buyers over a stronger market and the advantages are priceless.  Below are the six reasons you should buy now.       
1.  You can afford it because prices are down.
2.  You can buy in a better neighborhood.
3.  You can get a better deal.
4.  You can purchase a bigger house.
5.  You can get  a lower interest rate.
6.  All this translates into a better investment than you would realize in a stronger market.
Your Boca Raton, Florida Waterfront Expert

palm beach county: Get it Sold Now! - 02/07/11 02:24 AM
The season is moving right along in Boca Raton, Florida with the smart sellers doing what they have to and getting their properties sold. Now is the time when the buyer pool is the largest and when you will generate the most dollars for your property. Though you can sell at anytime why not do it at the best time? This nice activity will slow in 90 days so if you want to sell get it done now!

palm beach county: Listing Your Short Sale - 02/03/11 07:58 AM
Short sales are moving along a little easier than a couple of years ago mainly due to the banks getting better at processing them. That being said the level of success you receive getting your short sale closed lies in the hands of the listing agent that you choose.  While today many listing agents take your listing and hand it over to their short sale department, its still very important that the correct things are done to get it sold.
The most important thing in getting the job done in a reasonable amout of time is creating a good relationship with the loss mitigator at … (0 comments)

palm beach county: Boca Raton, Florida Luxury Property Market Report for January 2011 - 02/02/11 05:27 AM
Properties are changing hands in Boca Raton, Florida as we are in High Season and many buyers are in town.  Below are the numbers for properties priced at one million dollars and above for January 2011.
Luxury Single Family Homes
Total Properties Available      443
Price Range       $1,000,000 - $22,000,000
Total Properties Sold       6
Price Range       $1,000,000 - $1,850,000
Total Properties Pending      22
Average Sold Price Per Sq. Ft.       $298
Average Days On Market         207
Luxury Condominiums

Total Properties Available        83
Price Range         $1,000,000  -  $15,250,000
Total Properties Sold       2
Price Range        $1,250,000  -  $2,000,000
Total Properties Pending         1
Average Sold … (0 comments)

palm beach county: The Most Expensive Property in the World - 01/31/11 03:46 AM
The most expensive property in the world has just sold and it is located at One Hyde Park in London. This spectacular penthouse has it all including location, amenities and architecture. Selling price was $201 million dollars or about $9500 per square ft! Now that's some pricey real estate. London is very desirable for many reasons two being great schools and a very favorable tax system.

palm beach county: Selling Your Property - Increasing the Buyer Pool - 01/28/11 06:03 AM
To sell your property and get a good price in today's market you have to have a large buyer pool.  Sometimes I go on a listing appointment and ask what has been done previously to get the property sold and after the owner tells me what has been done I am not surprised at all that the property is still on the market.
The buyer pool must be as large as possible to come up with the one real buyer that you need to get your property sold in the shortest amount of time for the highest possible price.  The top 3 ways … (0 comments)

palm beach county: Boating in Boca Raton, Florida and the Miami Boat Show - 01/26/11 02:00 AM
One of the first things I think of when I look at the aqua blue ocean everyday is boating. You can't find a better place to dock your yacht than in Boca Raton, Florida! From Boca you can head off to the Bahamas or head South to the Keys or maybe just stay local and hang out on Lake Boca. One thing for sure is that you will never be bored or cold.
The Miami Boat show is coming to South Florida February 17 - 21 and its definitly worth going to see some amazing yachts! Check out the information below.
Miami … (0 comments)

palm beach county: Boca Raton, Florida Water Department - 01/24/11 07:32 AM
The City of Boca Raton Water Department has been ranked one of the best in the Country! The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies gave the City of Boca its top honor, the Platinum Award. Only 6 other water departments in the United States received the award. The criteria for this award include water quality and customer satisfaction. Another example of how well run the City of Boca Raton is.

palm beach county: Boca Raton, Florida is Very Active with Buyers! - 01/21/11 06:09 AM
Sitting here studying the MLS and its great to see just so much activity in Boca Raton, Florida. Some buildings here on the beach are seeing multiple sales in one day! The smart buyers are getting it done and securing great properties at good prices and great rates from the banks if they are financing.

palm beach county: Short Sales in Boca Raton, Florida - 01/13/11 11:53 PM
     A year or so ago I was not a big fan of short sales as the banks just couldn't deal with what was going on and to get involved in one was not very productive for the buyers. Now things have definitely improved probably as much as they are going to as far as getting these properties closed. At this point there are certain short sale properties worth taking a shot at to try to get a good deal. 
     This improvement in the processing of short sales is also great news for sellers looking to get out of their properties.  In my office … (1 comments)

palm beach county: Zoning Change in Boca Raton, Florida - 01/12/11 03:57 AM
The land located at Ocean Strand Dr. and A1A in Boca Raton hopefully will remain green as the Boca Raton City Council yesterday initiated a zoning change on the property.  This will take some time but the hope is that the zoning will be changed to "Park" and stay that way for this 15 acres.

palm beach county: Waterfront Property in Boca Raton, Florida - 01/10/11 03:46 AM
Now is the time to get your waterfront property in Boca Raton, Florida.  Whether your in the market for a luxury single family home on the intracoastal or a luxury condominium right on the sand, there are still some great buys out there!  Take advantage of what this market has to offer and live in one of the best places in the country!