amarillo texas: SIX WAYS TO DESTROY YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS!! - 06/29/10 04:46 AM
Just read this blog post and wanted to share it with the ActiveRain Community!  It's some really good information to think about.
 It was written by Denise Lones, CSP, MIRM, CDEI and bears sharing!!  Maybe she could help you with your business!!  Check her out at:  


amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX - 06/07/10 02:54 AM
If you've been watching this post regularly, you can see that Amarillo is full of fun things to do!  We've received all kinds of comments and responses from our posts and it's been interesting to see the variety of responses and comments!
It's been fun posting all the things to do here in Amarillo and we've learned quite a bit from comments.  We have posted a number of things to do that we had no clue were even here in Amarillo until they were recommended by a contributor.  I've lived here since 1972 so you'd think I knew about it all!  … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 49 - 05/20/10 02:15 AM
DAY 49  May 20, 2010   Take a stroll down 6th street, even if you don't shop!  Today is a beautiful day and on 6th street there are not only a lot of fun shops, but also lots of great places to have a bite to eat. 
6th street really can be a lot of fun because of the diversity of the shops and eating/dining/drinking establishments.  It's really a playback of the 50s or maybe 60s in Amarillo, where you can slow down a bit and enjoy the nostalgia and ambiance of times gone by.
Here is a link to COUPONS that can save … (1 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 42 - 05/13/10 02:45 AM
Day 42  May 13, 2010     If you have a chance, go visit the River Breaks Ranch for a trail ride and breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They are also set up for parties and events up to 200 people.  They can accomodate weddings, rehearsal dinners .....just about anything that requires a place to enjoy good food and company! 
Trail rides are a fun part of the experience at River Breaks Ranch as well as horse racing and great food! 
Check out their web site here and if you'd like to make a reservation, let them know that we sent you.

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 40 - 05/11/10 02:32 AM
DAY 40   May 11, 2010    How about stopping by Crazy Larry's some time today! (Teckla just off 45th) The food is always good, the owners are fun and very accomodating! The name is certainly true! Larry IS crazy but such a fun guy to get to know! He's the long haired dude that walks around talking while Jenn (his wife)... does all the work!! Tell him "HI" from 365!!
We normally go there for lunch but they are open for dinner as well!  Prices are reasonable, serving sizes are generally large and the drinks are self serve!  (I love that part!)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 39 - 05/10/10 04:08 AM
DAY 39
SGT Esau Gonzales, USA our Military Fallen Hero arrives this afternoon at 1:50 PM, at the TAC Air Terminal at the International Airport.  The public is invited to participate in the FLAG LINE as we Honor this Fallen Hero and his family. 
I'm quite sure the family will be honored by your presence and outpouring of support as they grieve for the loss of their loved one. 
Directions to TAC Air.  Turn left on Tiltrotor Drive (just past the Bell Helicopter Plant) and follow it around to TAC Air.  Please arrive at 1:30 PM for instructions.
Thank you for … (1 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 38 - 05/09/10 02:42 AM
DAY 38   May 9, 2010  Today being a very special day and all, our suggestion today is to spend as much of the day as possible with your MOTHER!!!  This is Mother's Day and it would be a good day to take care of HER (for a change)!!  Mothers get so little credit for the blessings they are!  Let her know how super special she is today!!  Do something really personal and heartfelt! You'll be glad you did!!
Remember all the things your mother does or has done for you, often without thanks or proper appreciation!  So often, mom is the … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX Day 37 - 05/08/10 03:19 AM
DAY 37  May 8, 2010   As was recommended by a previous poster on here, today the Veterans of Amarillo College will be holding a BIKE/CAR Show.  It will be located on the North Parking Lot at AC at Washington St and 22nd and the show begins at 11 AM.  Go out and support this event if you can!  Should be lots of nice eye candy for bikers and car dudes!!
I know I love to look at all the creativity that goes into these shows!!  You'll have a chance to see some awesome bikes and cars and maybe get some ideas … (1 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 17 - 04/18/10 02:04 AM
DAY 17   April 18, 2010   If you have children and need a great idea to keep them excited and having a great time today's post is JUMP-N-JIVE at 34th and Coulter.   The address is 7302 34th in Amarillo.  You can join their facebook fan page here.  When you join, tell them you got it from 365 Things to do in Amarillo facebook page (or for short, 365)
We were going to take our kids over for the day, but they frowned on 33, 32, 31 and 30 year olds playing with the 5 year olds!!  What's up with that??
It's tons of … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX Day 16 - 04/17/10 02:56 AM
DAY 16   April 17, 2010    Tonight at the Rex Baxter Building inside the Tri-State County Fair Grounds the RANDALL COUNTY ROLLER DAMES will be having their 1st Annual Benefit Bout (a portion of the proceeds will go to the Downtown Women and Children's Center).
Now, I haven't seen this kind of action since I was about 9 years old so I don't even know what to expect!  I remember watching it on TV when I was a youngster, but didn't even know it existed any more until I met the ladies at Cowboy Gelato Thursday. 
I'm sure you'll be in for … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 13 - 04/14/10 01:12 AM
DAY 13   April 14, 2010   Tomorrow is the dreaded tax day, but for today's post........We're headin' on over to COWBOY GELATO to try out their goodies and see what's new and tasty! 
You can view their menu online here  MENU or you can go to their home page here  HOME PAGE 
Haven't been there yet, but I'm sure lookin' forward to it partner!  We'll be a headin' on over around lunch time so come join us there if you can!!  Be seein' ya!
Till tomorrow!

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 12 - 04/13/10 04:25 AM
DAY 12  April 13, 2010    Amarillo Venom Indoor Football!  I'm posting their website link here so you can go and check out the schedule!  This should be a fun thing for the whole family to enjoy!  Ticket prices are posted on their website and you can even follow them on Twitter and Facebook!  All home games are played at the Amarillo Civic Center.
Fans who purchase a season ticket now will receive the final 5 home games of the 2010 regular season for $60.00 in the endzone and $70.00 for sideline seats.  The package will include all season ticket holder benefits.
Here … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX Day 11 - 04/12/10 02:21 AM
DAY 11  April 12, 2010    Comanche Trails Golf Course at 4200 S Grand!  For all you golfers or would be golfers out there, this is a fun way to spend a day!  If you don't know how to play golf but would like to get involved, they even give private lessons!! 
Comanche Trail Golf Course is owned by the City of Amarillo . The original Tomahawk Course was opened in July 1990. The Tomahawk Course was designed by Charles Howard, Austin Texas.
The Arrowhead Course was opened in May 1999. The The layout was designed by CUPP Design, Atlanta GA. Both … (3 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 10 - 04/11/10 03:14 AM
DAY 10   April 11, 2010        Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is the suggestion for the day. 
Just a few minutes from downtown Amarillo is a place to step out of the daily routine and imagine a different time. More than 600 acres of rolling grasslands are threaded with nature trails offering a sense of isolation and tranquility. Discover delicate wildflowers amidst knee-high grasses, huge cottonwoods, and a magnificent bluff.
Amarillo's mistaken reputation as a vast FLAT dry land is blown away by the beauty and serenity of Wildcat Bluff!  Here's the link to their site!
Till next time!!

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 9 - 04/10/10 02:43 AM
DAY 9  Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian is a great place to spend and afternoon.  The museum exhibits give visitors a glimpse into the cultures of the people of the Pueblos and Plains Indians.  The museum displays fine paintings, bronzes, fine old beadwork and material culture items.
The Kwahadi Kiva Indian Museum features the works of the late artist and author, Thomas E. Mails.  As a child, his grandfather in Colorado would draw stick figures of his memories of the Indian people of Colorado.  From this early beginning, Tom developed his passion as an artist and his abiding interest in … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX 8 - 04/09/10 01:39 AM
DAY 8  April 9, 2010   It's a Friday night and it's time for......(drum roll please...) Take your sweetie out for dinner tonight at Antonio's.  It's a fun treat and the food is wonderful!!  The atmosphere is also pretty quaint! Prices are certainly reasonable and the service is good!  I think that's where I might take my sweet baby doll tonight!! So.......I hope to see you there!!  ANTONIO'S here we come!!
I still remember, not so long ago, when we all sat around and complained about not having any really good places to go and Dallas and Houston!!  Well, those … (0 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do in Amarillo Texas - 04/08/10 03:49 AM
DAY 7   Cadillac Ranch. Ok there! I did it!! I've kinda sorta been avoiding this one but like it or not, it is a landmark of Amarillo and is certainly a national, if not international, conversation piece when Amarillo, TX is mentioned outside the city! You can view the "art" on each of the cadillacs and can also con...tribute your own "art" if you wish to bring a can of spray paint!

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 5 - 04/06/10 02:06 AM
DAY 5 of 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX is my first post for a restaurant and my pick of the day is GREEN CHILI WILLY'S GRILL! If you've not ever tried Green Chili Willy's you're in for a real treat! Their chicken fried steak is absolutely the best in the entire the entire universe. I don't know what Chef Willy does to them, but I've never had a bad one and I've eaten an entire cow by now!! I'm one of the pickiest meat eaters in the world and I've never gotten any of the yuk and muk usually accompanying a … (1 comments)

amarillo texas: 365 Things To Do In Amarillo, TX DAY 1 April 2, 2010 - 04/02/10 02:38 AM
April 2, 2010.  DAY 1 (Boy this is exciting!!!)  Why not head over to the Varsity Theater in Canyon to see "How to Train Your Dragon"  The Varsity is locally owned and the folks that run it are friendly! Ticket prices are $4.00 for adults! Tough to beat! 
I know it says 365 Things to Do In Amarillo, TX but we want to include the surrounding areas as well since most of these areas depend upon the Amarillo market to some degree and they support our economy by coming here for goods and services!!  Besides, there are some really … (1 comments)

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