ohio springborough: Home buying tip #4 Understanding How Much Home You Can Afford - 05/28/08 06:09 PM
Are you ready to roll with another home buying lesson? Good, let's get started.
Like it or not, there are 2 guidelines bankers and mortgage lenders use to determine how much loan you can afford.
The first guideline is the Payment To Income Ratio.  This guideline compares your income - or your total household income - to the amount of mortgage payment you're considering.
To calculate the "payment" part of the formula, the lender will take the mortgage payment (principal + interest) and add to it Property Taxes and Insurance.  Hence the term "PITI" (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance).
Usually lenders … (1 comments)

ohio springborough: Home Buyer Tip #3 The Difference Between Pre- Qualified and Pre-Approved - 05/28/08 06:05 PM
I hope that you're enjoying these home buyer tips I'm sending. I really want to insure that I'm bringing value and that the information I'm sharing with you will help you save money and avoid a home buying mistake.
OK, let's get on with this week's tip.
Did you know that when you make an offer on a house the seller will ask you for a letter of pre-approval? If you don't have one and you're competing with other buyers for the same house, you could end up losing out on your dream home. The first step to understanding this is … (1 comments)

ohio springborough: Home Buyer Tip #2 Understand what you want vs need - 05/28/08 06:03 PM
One quality that distinguishes real estate agents who are committed to providing the very best service is the strength of their network.   Over the years I've built working relationships with a wide range of professionals who deal with every aspect of buying, selling, maintaining and improving a home. So whether we're talking about mortgages, legal issues, insurance, inspections, renovations, landscaping - you name it - I can refer you to an expert who I know provides high-quality service at a competitive price.  
It has taken me some years to develop this network and I must say that I've always … (0 comments)

ohio springborough: A Quick look at Springboro Ohio - 05/28/08 05:47 PM
Taken from your Springboro Expert at www.juliebeall.com. Please call Julie for more information
Settled as early as 1796, Springboro was founded in 1815 by Jonathan Wright, a relative of the Wright Brothers, as "Springborough." Jonathan Wright's father, Joel Wright, was a surveyor who platted Columbus, Ohio. Springboro was predominantly Quaker during its earlier years.
Springboro is known largely for its historical significance during the hiding of slaves through the system of the Underground Railroad due to a large portion of its residents holding an Anti-Slavery opinion. Achilles Pugh, in fact, published a local paper during this time called "the Philanthropist" to … (0 comments)

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