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Little Egg Harbor REALTOR® talking real estate in Little Egg Harbor, down in southern Ocean County at the Jersey Shore! I work with Little Egg Harbor home buyers and Little Egg Harbor home sellers.



  Don't Sell Yourself Short If You Don't Have To! There’s plenty of news out there about homes in foreclosure and many owners going to short sales to get out from under a home or mortgage they can no longer afford.  While I am happy to help sell your Ocean County home either in a traditional or s...
Here at the Jersey Shore we're ready for summer!  If your summer plans include boating (any motorized boat or jet ski), beginning June 1, 2009, you're required to have a New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate.  You can take the course online, and also download the information you'll need to comple...
After a weekend of weather in the 80's, even higher in some places along the Jersey Shore, thoughts turn to the beach!  And now is the time to think about picking up your full season badges, at pre-season prices.  Yes, we do need those stinking badges, as soon as the lifeguards come on duty, usua...
If you weren't already confused by housing market statistics, don't turn to your local papers for clarification!  Jeffery G. Otteau, of the Otteau Valuation Group,  New Jersey's go to housing market analyst addressed the Atlantic Home Builders Convention in Atlantic City this past week.  I did no...
I love a few glasses of wine in the evening or with dinner.  I like a hearty red, a real Chianti from Tuscany or if I'm feeling very extravagant Brunello (lately, a little out of my price range). While I've always recycled the bottles, I never really thought about the corks!  Well, there is an e...
Many first time home buyers, while figuring the expense of owning a home, neglect to budget for home maintenance.  You're figuring mortgage payments and utility costs, right?   But did you remember to budget for home maintenance?  If not, you're threatening the long term value of your investment ...
I visited a friend yesterday, she's a cat person.  As you may know I'm a dog owner, but love all animals. After spending some time talking to her about life with a cat, I found many similarities.  So here's a memo for dogs and cats.  TO:       Dog & Cats  FROM:  Your Human Companions  Re:        ...
It’s spring at the Jersey Shore, and time for the 24th Annual Clean Ocean Action’s (COA) April Beach Sweep.  For 24 years, volunteers throughout New Jersey have participated to rid our waterways of unsightly debris.In 1985, COA launched the first Beach Sweeps program, ridding beaches of trash.  ...
On May 7th, we will boldy go where no man has gone before!  The new Star Trek movie (Star Trek XI) will be released, and this is what we'll see. Kirk as an angry, wayward and headstrong young man looking for trouble.  Since Kirk has always thought outside the box, he wreaks havoc on Starfleet’s r...
It's spring at the Jersey Shore, the rains have stopped (at least for a few days); yard work, gardening and outdoor activities have taken the place of TV, books and games.              For many this means a return to the outdoors, oftentimes with pets in tow! While most Jersey Shore residents and...

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