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 There's been a whole lot of movin and shakin goin on in the mortgage industry since the beginning of 2006 and homeowners and those in the Real Estate business are going to be feeling the effects of it soon. To date, 31 major mortgage lenders across the United States have gone out of business or ...
DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS CALIFORNIA ONLY REAL ESTATE BLOG OPPORTUNITY!!!! CALL ME TODAY at 530-592-8362 or email me at! Hello Everyone,As you may have noticed, I've been taking some time off of Active Rain to embark on an adventure. Over the past month, I've been putting...
 On December 15th of 2006, Bryant Tutus, wrote a blog on the Real Estate Network "Active Rain" labeled, "Your home is your castle, not an ATM machine!"Broker Bryant brings up many good points within the article, explaining the cycle that many homeowners get caught up into when refinancing their h...
I was wondering what my topic of the day would be for a blog, then I got a call and the perfect topic came up. A lead generation source called me up just a few minutes ago and was offering, yet buy mortgage leads from "reputable sources."This telemarketer had a slightly better pitch t...
 I don't understand why many in my industry can't grab onto the "Power of Truth" and the need to understand a clients' needs! I have received several new calls this week from new and potential clients that are looking to refinance their homes from their once "all time low" payment to an increasin...
 I received an interesting call yesterday, so I figured that I would share it for the world to see my response...Or atleast possible California clients and Associates :) The potential client called me and started rambling about random things, I tried to keep some flow to the conversation. In the ...
I had a client call me this weekend that just received some alarming news. Their mortgage recently got sold to a different lender.  She had two different issues:1.) Their mortgage had sold to another lender and now the new lender was requiring flood insurance on the home, which WAS NOT REQUIRED B...
  Are you wondering what types of documentation loans are available? Banks and investors have come up with a variety of loan types to help borrowers qualify easier into home loan and refinance products. While some may be worried about being able to qualify for a home, you'll be amazed at the prod...
  I had a great sit-down today with a new client. She is a First Time Home Buyer that wanted to meet face to face with me...I love it! Back in the old days, transactions were only done in such ways. You could look a person in the eye, listen to their tone of speech and understand where they are c...
Reason: RepresentationMortgage Broker: Fiduciary duty to the borrower to get the best loan possible. Packaging the loan to highlight the strentghs of your loan scenario and minimizing the weaknesses.Direct Lender: Represents the lender. Reason: CustomizationMortgage Broker: Offers numerous progra...

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